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04 Sep 2009
Lafita will train alone in Zaragoza and will not attend to the call of Deportivo, something interpreted as his decision to join the Aragonian club. Meanwhile the first declarations of a LFP official about the case.

Ángel Lafita is in Zaragoza since Tuesday, his arrival to Aragon has been interpreted as his will to join the team of Marcelino Toral, though the agent of the winger has said that he will respect the decision and the recommendations coming from la liga (LFP) and the Players Association (AFE), reason why he will train alone and apart from Zaragoza’s training pitch.

But the departure of Lafita has also raised the fury of Lendoiro, because Depor’s president understands the move as a ‘provocation‘. Since Tuesday canaldeportivo.com has been showing a message in which the Galician club ‘invites’ Lafita to return, if not Depor is menacing to take disciplinary actions that even include to execute a clause in the contract of the player that will force him to pay €12 million as compensation.

Despite the menaces, the player is not willing to return to La Coruña. Lafita has maintained silence, but according to some sources in Aragon, his agent has said that he won’t return until a final decision is taken. In the meantime, Javier Tebas, the vice-president of the LFP, gave his opinion about the case, something that means the first declarations of a la liga official regardless to the case.

“Zaragoza was trying to execute the option before June 30 and to pay it later, and that’s the main point of discussion, because the option for Lafita had a price before June 30 and later it had a different value.” Tebas said to Radio COPE during Wednesday.

Sportpaper AS appoints that Lendoiro already suspects that he will lose the case, reason why he will try to delay it in order to have more time to sign a replacement, also to delay the incorporation of Lafita to Zaragoza until matchday 3 at Primera División. According to this source, la liga will only give ten days to Depor in order to sign a replacement, reason why Lendoiro will present his allegations until the last day (Tuesday), move that will give him more time to explore the options in the market.

On Thursday, Richard Moar talked to Radio Onda Cero about this subject, "In our logic, Lafita should be in A Coruña and not in Zaragoza, because is work in on here. We haven't spoken to him, neither with his agent, but the situation is confusing for everybody. Everything is on the hands of German Rodriguez Conchado, the lawyer of the club."

The sporting director of Deportivo also showed his doubts about the number of days that la liga would give to Depor in order sign a replacement, this if Zaragoza wins the case, “We will have to wait for the resolution of the LFP to know if they will give us the chance to sign somebody during some extra days. We hope for it, because we are not sure about it. There are precedents, but not exactly due to this cause. There’s a precedent when somebody pays a buyout clause, but not a buyout option. We don’t know anything yet.”



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