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10 Sep 2009
If the reader watched the game between Spain and Belgium at the Riazor, it may have noticed that the ground at both goals looked horrible, now keepers Aranzubia and Manu warn about the state of the pitch ahead of the debut in liga. The problem became bigger since it was necessary to put more soil in order to correct the measures of the goals.

The problem is not new and has been giving problems to the club since some years ago, the situation turned dramatic before the game Spain-Belgium and it was necessary to put more soil around the goals, that’s why the area looked terrible during the match. Dani Aranzubia is not surprised with the situation, “On the past season I noticed the goals were terrible, and I said it. They didn’t take care of it throughout the season, and now they have this problem.” He said during a press conference at Abegondo.

Now Aranzubia warns that the problem must be corrected, because it may be dangerous, “It’s a mess, the zone is irregular, I spent the past year asking to change it, to see them fixing the problem, and now the UEFA had to come to see them trying to change it. The surface there is irregular, marshy and dangerous; the worst goal is the one behind the Riazor Blues. Let’s see how they correct the problem; the true is that I am worried.”

To make things worse, before the game Spain-Belgium, the officials of FIFA detected that the goals are not eligible according to the rules of FIFA, this because the height of the goals are six centimeters under the recommendation, something tat surprised Aranzubia, “On the past season we played matches at Primera and at the UEFA Cup and the referees never detected a problem, they assume that these sort of things doesn’t occur in a stadium of Primera División, but you can notice that  FIFA is more strict with these things.”

Young keeper Manu was also giving his opinion about this curious problem, as he said to La Voz de Galicia, “I have noticed a curve in he middle of the goals, but I thought that almost all the goals have that curve, although the pitch is higher in the middle, it isn’t very noticeable.”

The true is that the problem at the goals wasn’t so big before the game of Spain, but it became worse after the workers of the stadium decided to put more soil in order to correct the other problem related to the height of the goals.

The coordinator of the Spanish Federation, Miguel Ángel López, explained to reporters what exactly happened before the game, “Everything started at 9:30 AM of that day, before the technical meeting at the stadium, just when the referees inspected the pitch. “This is too low” said referee Bertrand Layec, he was talking about the height between the grass and the crossbars; it was six centimeters below the rules at the centre. If it was it one… but it was it six” He said to reporters.

“They told us the problem would be solved and we left, our surprise was when we retuned during the afternoon. We thought they were going to lift the goals in order to correct the problem, but that seemed like a garden. They have made a hole and that was dangerous for the keepers. We had to put more soil; compacting the groove. It wasn’t the correct measure, because what they should have done was to lift the goals. I am responsible for this; I am the coordinator of the games and the RFEF.” López added.

It was even speculated that FIFA would punish the Spanish federation for the incident, but in the end it ended in nothing, as López explained, “The attitude of the commissioner of FIFA, who is the one that writes the report upon which it decides on a possible punishment, was positive. He understood, like me, that it wasn’t chosen the most suitable solution, which was lifting the goal and not dig on the ground, but was very understanding and didn’t give importance to the incident.”  Now the workers at the Riazor are trying to correct the problem, they are fighting against the clock before the game against Malaga.



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