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16 Sep 2009
Striker Iago Beceiro has been at Deportivo since Infantiles, and always shone because he has played with older kids and always giving good results. Now, at his 15, he has joined Juvenil A and was even picked by Spain’s U-17 team.

Iago Beceiro is a surprising player of Depor’s youth teams that’s already used to play with older team mates, he started his career at Infantiles and has grown a lot in just a few years. He started the past season at Deportivo Cadete A, usually performing as a left winger, and impressed everybody scoring 18 goals in 22 matches with the squad.

The coaches were so delighted with him that was promoted to Juvenil C at the final part of the season, again responded with god results as he scored 12 goals in 10 games with the team, and that taking in mind he was only a 14-year-old kid playing among 15/16-year old players. For the present season he was promoted to Juvenil B (and changed his role to a normal striker), tough he trains with Juvenil A during the week, meaning he is now a 15-year-old player living between teenagers at 17. Actually, on Sunday he was a starter in the 1-0 of Juvenil A over Rapido de Bouzas.

And to make things better, the national coach of the U-17 team, Ginés Melendez, has picked him for a series of training sessions that are taking place in Madrid during these days, again Beceiro is living among older players. The intention of this concentration is to prepare the squad that will compete in the UEFA U-17 tournament that will take place in May of the next year.











Iago is very optimistic with his arrival to the national team, as he said to Depor Sport during the past week, “To start the season at División de Honor (Juvenil A) and also receiving the call from the national team is the best thing that could happen to me, it’s an extra-motivation in order to keep working. Besides, I’m fine in the physical aspect.”

His current coach at Juvenil A, Jose Luis Devesa, explained the quality of the player, “It’s always a satisfaction to see a player currently working at your team going to the national team. He deserves it because he has a great potential, more than he thinks, he still has to discover it. He still a lot to go, but is already prepared to make his first steps at the national team. His biggest defect is that he takes things too seriously, and as long as he surpasses this, then he will enjoy the most.”

In this way Beceiro is joining the list of Depor’s young players with some experience in national teams, a short list composed by youngsters like Rochela, Chirri, Juan Dominguez, Edu, Uxio and Juancar, without doubt a promise for the near future of Deportivo.



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