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17 Sep 2009
Filipe Luis started a conflict during the week as he complained about his wages, one day later defender Lopo answered to him that everybody is already an adult to solve their own issues.

All started on Tuesday after Filipe Luis was interviewed by several news and Sportpapers after he scored the winning goal of Depor against Malaga. One of those interviews appeared at Marca and what called the attention was to read Filipe complaining about his wages at the club.

"Here the players are not appreciated at all. You will never see anyone calling them to improve their contracts" explained Filipe, who according to Marca is one of the worst paid players at Depor’s squad. Besides the left-back was complaining that the buyout clauses are “exorbitant and not according to the wages of the players." Anyway, Filipe said that he’s feeling content at Deportivo, "I am very happy in the city and the fans are wonderful."

What seems clear is that Filipe is still hurt for not signing a big contract with Barcelona, this no matter he said in the past that he didn’t want to leave Depor just for terms of money. The true is that his declarations haven’t been welcomed by the fans and neither inside the squad.

Albert Lopo was the first to answer his declarations, as he said on Wednesday after the training, "Selfishly, we all want more. Filipe has said what he has said, but another player could also say the same and then this would be messing. I do not know what the wages of Filipe are, but each one is old enough to talk to the person responsible of this and express what they have to say.”



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