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18 Sep 2009
Lafita trained for the first time with Zaragoza, but he won’t debut with the Aragonian team until the case is solved. In the meantime the first names of possible substitute at Depor have been mentioned by the media.

Deportivo presented on Thursday its allegations to la liga in the case of Angel Lafita, the Galician club is demanding a clarification of the price that Zaragoza has to pay for the winger and also to define the deadline of the payments. In the first resolution of the LFP these details were omitted and Depor don’t want to lose any Euro as it happened to Racing Santander in the case of Jorge Lopez (Zaragoza still owes the money to the Cantabrian club after executing the buyout clause over the winger during the last day of the past summer market).

Lafita was presented yesterday at Zaragoza, he passed the medicals and immediately joined the trainings of the team, the problem is that he won’t be able to debut in any official competition until the LFP releases a final decision (the one released on Tuesday is not definitive as Depor was able to appeal). Lendoiro already menaced to present all kind of protests to la liga if the winger takes part of any game at Primera before the final resolution is taken, therefore the officials of Zaragoza have decided to keep him out until the situation is solved, something that could take weeks, even months, if both clubs start to present more allegations to every resolution dictated by the LFP.

Actually it’s expected that the case won’t be resolved in the LFP, this due the distant positions of both clubs, starting with the fact that Zaragoza only wants to pay three million Euros plus taxes for the player, while Depor reclaims three and a half million plus taxes. According to the papers, the case might end in the committee of the Spanish Federation, the arbitration committee (SMAC) or even in a local courthouse of La Coruña.

Deportivo has one month to hire a replacement for Lafita, but the situation is complicated since it’s difficult to find a player with the wanted skills at this point of the season, especially if Depor only wants to do it through a loan deal. Coach Lotina already warned that “We won’t sign anybody just for the pleasure of making a signing. I just want one. If the one I want doesn’t come, we won’t sign anybody”

And according to Sportpaper AS the man that Lotina wants is Jordi Alba (20, Valencia FC), he’s a playmaker/right-winger that was already linked with Depor during the summer window. However it’s a difficult operation to fulfill, because Valencia’s coach, Unai Emery, is very happy with the player and doesn’t want to let him go, this no matter Alba won’t have too many chances on this season.

Alba is currently concentrated with Spain ahead of the FIFA U-20 World Cup, but he got a special permission to join Valencia in order to play against Lille for the Europa League, actually he was a starter in the game. This only demonstrates the confidence that Emery has on him, it will be very difficult to see him leaving. Depor has admitted that already has a short list with names of possible substitutes for Lafita, and that some of them are currently performing at Segunda División.

Also, journalist Alberto Gomez Barros from Radio Onda Cero confirmed on Thursday that during the last day of the summer market, president Lendoiro made some phone calls in order to know the situation of other three players: Míchel Herrero(21, Valencia FC), Dani ‘Torito’ Aquino (19, Real Murcia) and Iago Falqué (19, AS Bari). Barros also assures that an official of Deportivo contacted Sevilla FC in order to know the status of Tom De Mul (23), but it seems this option was already discarded because Lotina prefers other players.



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