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22 Sep 2009
The media in La Coruña is claiming for a modification at Depor’s midfield, because the duo Juan Rodriguez-Juca is not working and it has been appointed as one of the reasons for the setback against Espanyol. Sergio, Tomas or Dominguez might be the solution.

In the first three matchdays of la liga, Miguel Angel Lotina has used a 4-2-3-1 system and has kept the same couple of pivotes: Juan Rodriguez and Juca. That’s a very different story compared to what the Basque coach did in his previous two seasons at Depor. For the 2007/2008 campaign Depor’s trainer used two different couples for the first three matches: De Guzman-Sergio (0-3 Vs Almeria) and Sergio-Juan Rodríguez (2-2 at Valladolid and 1-0 Vs Betis).

And on the past season, the ex-Celta trainer used three different combinations within the first three games in liga: De Guzman-Sergio (2-1 Vs Real Madrid), Sergio-Antonio Tomás (0-1 at Villarreal) and De Guzmán-Antonio Tomás (0-0 Vs Mallorca).

Now there’s more stability, but the results are worse, because in his first two seasons at Deportivo, Lotina had four points before the start of matchday four, while now he only has three. And the duo used in midfield is considered as one of the reasons for this poor start, something even admitted by the same Lotina.

The problem is that this combination is not contributing to the offensive game of Deportivo as it’s considered too defensive, something that forces Valerón to carry out with all the responsibility of administrating the ball possession of the squad. To make things worse the team is not putting the needed pressure over the rival, as the same coach said after the 2-3 defeat against Espanyol, “Our pressure wasn’t strong enough, and if you don’t tight the things at Primera División anybody can defeat you, and that’s what happened today.”

For this reason the papers in La Coruña are asking for changes in this sector of the field, the alternatives are three: Antonio Tomas, Sergio and Juan Dominguez. Cantabrian Antonio Tomas hasn’t been picked yet for any game since he’s just coming out from a hamstring problem, while Catalan Sergio has stayed sited on the bench during the first three matchdays. Meanwhile Fabril’s Juan Dominguez was just part of the team during the visit to Real Madrid; lately he has been with Depor B, team in which he has been an important player and even scoring two goals after three matches played at Tercera División.

The question is if Lotina will make changes in midweek’s visit to Xérez CD or if he will stay playing with Juca and Juan Rodriguez. Curiously after the game against Espanyol Lotina affirmed that he doesn’t have a defensive midfielder in his squad, “We had De Guzman and now he is not here, therefore we don’t have any defensive midfielder. When you lose, you always start to miss the one that is no longer here.”



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