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29 Sep 2009
The papers emphasised the importance that Juca had in the game, this no matter the Brazilian only played for seventeen minutes. The attitude shown by Lotina’s team was another factor considered as key in order to conquer the victory.

La Opinión A Coruña: More nerve, better contention. As easy as starting with the cable plugged into the socket, it was just a matter of showing another posture and another behavior. What Deportivo forgot to do a fortnight ago against Espanyol was embedded into the memory to receive Villarreal. Any approach works in the better way if the team shows attention, clarity, decision, order and will; the football technique is grateful and the tactical proposals are fulfilled with greater spontaneity. The first half was an example. The second part, with Deportivo more away from the ball and often at the mercy of a needed Villarreal, discovered the irregular and unpredictable team of previous days.

Depor moved fast, only occasionally precipitated by the hurries with the ball of Pablo Alvarez and Guardado. Veteran players as Lopo and Sergio learned how to put the pause during the hottest moments. At the other side, Villarreal, without spark, helped Deportivo to find the harmony missed before, except when it desperately besieged Aranzubia bottling up the Galician team. In the tactical chapter developed by Lotina’s team, Depor passed the test that was suspended in the previous home game. Firstly, because the defensive sector, led by an imperial Lopo, controlled its internal connections without hesitation, with a more solid attitude at the centre and also at the sides.

Secondly, because midfield won one or more points of consistency when the pivotes penetrated the sector, and because Juca feels more secure and content when Sergio is performing next to him, while the Catalan brings a reassuring job, quality that in many times is difficult to notice and applaud, Antonio Tomás had to replace the Brazilian, injured, and although he fulfills almost the same duties than Sergio, he continues to give the impression that he must have a more protagonic role

Thirdly, because the wingers, very dedicated during the whole game, knew to manage their momentum without disturbing the other players. Fourthly, because despite the instability presented by the couple in attack-Lassad and Adrian- their mobility remains constant and that situation creates a state of alert in the opposing defense. And fifthly, because Aranzubia is an outstanding goalkeeper and his team now owes to him the points added on yesterday’s match. R. D. R.

La Voz de Galicia: Depor exploits the stationary game. The stationary plays are still feeding Depor. An early goal from a free-kick of Juca gave the victory to the Galicians, side that glistened in the first half and that in the second supported the siege. The Galician team, repeating the starting eleven of the past game, came out with the intensity that was promised by Lotina against a Villarreal that appealed to Senna as anybody prays to a saint.

The match was broken soon. Like “Groundhog Day”, that movie where the protagonist was repeating the same day after day, Juca and Filipe revived the same things of Wednesday. Like in that game, an attack of the side defender ended in a foul that Juca converted into the first goal of the game; it was from a similar position than the previous game. Valverde's team, which we assume did not bother to watch the video from Jerez, only placed three players on the barrier, and a fourth some meters behind. Used to overcome the populated metal barriers at Abegondo, the ball was hit by the Brazilian and overcame the obstacle with ease. Galician Diego Lopez stretched as if he had just awakened, but the ball found the hole after bouncing on the bottom right corner. It was the 7th minute and Depor was already winnings thanks to the stationary game. Rubén Ventureira

Marca: Two ways to suffer. Against Villarreal, Deportivo capitalised the great goal of Juca and picked up the win through suffering and a forceful defense. A suffering with which Valverde's team must begin to live, because it adds its third consecutive loss and is penultimate at the standings. Anguish and sacrifice. With those two words we can define what we saw today at the Riazor. Juca and the sacrifice of his Deportivo. The Brazilian arrived doubtful to the game, but did not want to miss the clash. It ended up being decisive and once completed the work, he had to leave injured with just over quarter of an hour played.

The contribution of the Brazilian was accompanied by a Depor with dedication and sacrifice. These ingredients were entirely necessary to fight against a wounded Villarreal, side that dominated the second half from start to finish. It did more with heart than head, with the anguish of having an emergency situation and the despair that arise when things aren’t working.

Before that, Depor did its merits to deserve the points. Lotina’s team, repeating the lineup of the past game, started strongly, with depth and a clear intention to put a heavy slab on its rival. It would take eight minutes to do so. Juca masterfully defined a free-kick, facilitated by the poor distribution of the barrier; and is that when the suffering and distress is surrounding any team, it is unlikely that things will end well. Jaime Rincón.

AS: Juca sank the submarine. Deportivo sleeps in Europe and Villarreal is now a little more sunk thanks to its worst start in liga. For the game displayed during the first time, you can understand the final result, seeing the game of the second part, it is not understood so well. And is that yesterday’s game at the Riazor showed two faces, of been a dominator to be dominated and vice versa. Only one goal, but a thousand occasions.

If you want to find the keys for the game, the first has to focus on Juca. The Brazilian arrived doubtful to the game, with problems on both knees, but he and Lotina decided to risk. The body endured seventeen minutes, of which he only needed seven. And is that at the 7th minute of the game Riazor was already singing another ‘Jucatazo’. This midfielder arrived to Depor for free and with the nickname of “Brazilian Lampard”. Maybe not for his game, but in free-kicks he’s a monster. He doesn’t have the same strength of Ronaldo, but places the ball like the angels. His weight in this Depor is not under question: collaborating or scoring in five of the nine goals in the account of the Galicians. Sometimes, a few days are enough to accomplish a lot.

The dilemma of the game was the blissful intensity, the courage, sweat, or however you want to call it. It is something that is assumed, but when the lines do not move like clockwork, then the inaccuracies start, also the nerves and anxiety. This facet, throughout the first half, was for Deportivo. It's more than possible that Juca’s early goal helped on this, because it filled the bag of Depor with confidence while the one of the yellow submarine was full of an anguish triggered by the recall of the delicate situation of a Villarreal pointed to glory, or at least to fight for it.

With this depression Villarreal entered to the changing room, but went out refreshed. Valverde, who begins to sweet due to the poor results, might found the key at the locker room. Maybe he only reminded the players how they should play. It is possible, because in one breath the submarine surfaced and began to undermine the goal of Depor. Villarreal’s morale must leave the game reinforced by the second half, but looking at the standings can undermine anyone. For Deportivo is just the opposite. After its victory it looks the rest from its European place, watching the situation of some giant clubs, and Adrian and Lassad still have to exploit. You can be dreaming, and should be. Luis De La Cruz

El Periódico Mediterráneo: Penultimate! What has Villarreal to do in order to score a goal? It’s the question that Valverde was asking at the Riazor. Villarreal rediscovered itself in A Coruña, but lost again and stays with just two points after five league matchdays, in relegation zone. Unheard of. Only the good impression left by the team during a monochromatic second part invites to optimism, because it gives the impression that soon, Villarreal will surpass the terrible lack of results. A goal from Juca was enough to overthrow a Villarreal whose firepower is anesthetized. With the relocation of Cazorla from the wing to the playmaker role, the submarine ran all over the Galician team, attacking by all sides. But there was no way. Neither Nilmar nor Rossi nor Cazorla nor Pirès ... the goal is resistant to all. Jose Luis Lizarraga.



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