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29 Sep 2009
Lotina was satisfied with the final result and praised the effort done by his team, meanwhile the players emphasised the physical effort done on the pitch. Also, Juca explained why he decided to start the match.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was analysing the game and expressing his satisfaction with the squad’s performance, “We played well during the first part, with order, defending away from our goal and practicing our game. In the second half Villarreal pressured a lot and we made a great physical effort, also completed a solid work in defense. The team worked hard in defence and the attitude was pretty good.”

“I saw that a lot of people were playing well against a good rival, because despite been at the bottom now, in the end Villarreal will be among the top-five teams. No matter they could have achieved a draw; my team left a positive impression. We have competed and I believe we have demonstrated this.” He added.

Later the Basque manager analysed the individual work of his players, “Juca asked to play and he scored. Let’s see if he’s ready for Sunday, though later we have time for the rest before the next game. Sergio and Antonio (Tomás) were important for the victory, they made a tremendous effort. I trusted in Antonio, who was going to be a starter, and I think he’s a great player. Lassad is not at one hundred percent. He isn’t a central attacker and sometimes he is not feeling comfortable. It’s just a matter of finding the same level of the past year.”

Pablo Álvarez reappeared at the right wing, he was very content with the result and was predicting more positive results for Depor, “We can play better, but we were fine in defence and putting pressure to the rival  We worked hard. Playing like this, only a few teams will be able to defeat us.”

Antonio Tomás was emphasising the suffering of the players on the pitch, “I spent a few months out and it was hard for me to enter into the game. Sergio and I worked a lot, because they had a lot of people in midfield. We have suffered, like all my team mates, but we have won.”

Keeper Daniel Aranzubia was defending the decision of the referee in the play in which Llorente was close to score, “For me is not a goal. It was a fast play and I understand that, for my gesture, people might thing otherwise. I was just trying to push the ball from behind, but I was standing over the line.”

The ex-Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper was also giving his opinion about the game, “They were fine in the second half and trying to score their goal as soon as possible. We lived twenty or twenty-five minutes of suffering, but later we had some chances to break the game, but we didn’t seize the opportunities. We tried to keep a clean sheet and we suffered until the end, though to win in this way is always tasty. In the first half we played well and dominated, but in the second part it was them who carried with the weight of the game.”

Juca was, again, the hero in the game, this despite the Brazilian only played for seventeen minutes, he was explained what happened before the game, “The decision of playing was taking by everybody. I was at the disposition of the coach, because I wanted to play. I was feeling some pain and knew about the risks, but I didn’t want to miss the game, therefore I assumed the risks. I hope the problem is not too serious, but for now I am feeling a lot of pain. If you ask me today, I would say I can’t play at Tenerife, but I hope to be better for the game.”
The ex-Partizan midfielder was also analysing the play of his goal, “I was lucky enough to score a pretty goal and help the team, but you can also say that I was irresponsible for taking part of the match. But well, everything was fine in the end. The goal was a mix of good luck and training. We work a lot with this plays at Abegondo. Sometimes we fail, but in others we are joyful scoring the goals. I always try to put the ball in the same place and today it worked out. I am not a specialist, I just train hard.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was saying that Juca’s early goal was the key for the victory, “The match was favourable to us since the beginning, because we played more comfortable with the advantage in the scoresheet. In the second half it was time to run after the ball. They moved the ball pretty well and have a good team, much better than the indication of their current position. But they neither created a lot of danger, though they dominated. Now we must be calmed. After the game against Espanyol people were saying that things were bad, and now it can’t be all good.” 

Similar was the message of Andrés Guardado, “Right now we can’t be too confident, this is just starting and we still have to play a lot of matches, la liga is a long competition. Anyway, it’s a good feeling to win the games, it’s good for everybody and let’s hope that we will stay at the top places for a long time.”

The Mexican was also emphasising the effort done throughout the match, “It was a big effort for everybody. Besides, due to the circumstances, they were putting a lot of pressure, they had the ball and were reaching our goal. But even like that we had our chances to define the match, even in the first part through Lassad, but we didn’t take advantage of it and things got complicated. It was big risk, but in the end everything was fine, because we achieved the three points, which was the important thing.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was describing the suffering that he lived at the Riazor, “I was just wishing for the final whistle, Deportivo had more and better opportunities although the draw wouldn’t have been unfair, now we have nine points in five games and it’s fine.”

At Villarreal, Ernesto Valverde was analysing the performance of his team, “We have a problem, which is the way in which we start the games. I believe that Deportivo only had one more opportunity during the first half and their dominance wasn’t so clear. In the second, we clearly dominated the encounter. We played at their area, but we weren’t able to score. Deportivo started better, later the game was more opened and the goal was more near for us, but it wasn’t possible.”




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