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30 Sep 2009
On Tuesday coach Lotina gave a press conference and he praised the performance of his team in this start of season. At the same time he said that Depor’s players still can improve, especially Adrian and Lassad.

After Tuesday’s training, Miguel Ángel Lotina attended to the press room and analysed the present of Deportivo. He said to be happy with the performance of his team, “We are fine, the impression left on Sunday was positive. I believe that we still can improve, because there are players that can offer more. Besides, we need to polish some things; still I am satisfied at this point of the season.”

“Until matchday 10 or 15 we must have patience with the bad and good things. The teams still has some collective defects and we must polish that. On Sunday we demonstrated that we can compete and erased the image of lack of intensity shown against Espanyol, I am happy for it.” He added.

Parts of the coach’s comments were dedicated to Lassad and Adrián, an attacking duo that still in debt with the fans, “We must have patience with our quality people and also with the youngsters. Lassad and Adrián still need years to show their best. Yesterday, on the street, a lot of people told me how upset they were with them during the game. The true is that neither of them has made a good pre-season due to the injuries, worse is the case of Lassad. They have a different character on the pitch, Lassad is cold and talented, he doesn’t run just for been running and if he loses a ball, he behave like that.”

The Basque manager also talked about his two doubts ahead of the game at Tenerife, “We will see if Adrián will be ready for Saturday, right now he is tired and suffering muscular injuries. Who is almost discarded is Juca; I hope he will be fit after the break in liga, now someone else will enter in his place. I believe that Antonio is a great player that’s entering into the dynamic of the group. Juan Rodriguez is also there, he’s already fit and we want to see him as the past year. Another positive point is that Sergio has completed two straight good games.”

Later, Lotina gave an interview to Radio Onda Cero and analysed the performance of Sergio and Manuel Pablo  after been out during the start of season, “Sometimes the players think after been two or three matchdays sited on the bench. It was good for Manuel Pablo. Sergio is the opposite of Juca, because Juca is more a man of duels, of been fighting one-on-one, of disorder, He does everything with much momentum. While Sergio is more paused, ordered, for me at Jerez he was very good and excellent against Villarreal.”

Interesting was also his comment about Juan Domínguez, "He is potentially a player of Primera, but we think that he needs to follow his steps. We could put him on Saturday’s game, but we still think he needs to improve some areas that are important to us. Depor is a working and ordered team, and from that point the results are coming. We must do things very carefully because we are not in the same point than 10 years ago.”

The scans made on Tuesday determined that midfielder Juca suffered an intramuscular edema on both thighs, he needs fifteen days in order to be fit to play, therefore he will miss the visit to Tenerife FC. The Brazilian has been important within the last two games in liga, scoring twice and giving one assist. He will only miss one game, because on next week there’s a pause in la liga due to the World Cup qualifying games.



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