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06 Oct 2009
The fourth place in la liga has pleased everybody inside the Galician squad, but the players are not feeling satisfied and want more. More specifically, what they want is to see Deportivo playing better.

It’s getting common to hear the same phrases at the end of Deportivo’s games: “We must improve” or “we can play better”, this despite that Lotina’s team is already occupying the 4th place in liga and accumulating three straight games adding the three points. It seems that the players are feeling a thorn regardless to the game displayed by the team, the pretty style that has been defended by Depor’s coach since his arrival to La Coruña.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was saying after the victory in Tenerife that his team must have a defined identity for each occasion, “We must have our own identity, a face when we are playing at home and another when we are performing away. When we are playing at the Riazor, we must do it with a lot of intensity, drowning the rival. When we play away from home, we must keep a defensive order, which we currently have, but we should be securing the games and we aren’t doing that right now, that’s why we need to have the ball.”

Central defender Albert Lopo was more critical with Deportivo’s game, as he told to newspaper La Voz de Galicia, “Why we don’t play better? And I also ask: what do we want? To be in the position we currently are or just to play better?” Aranzubia added that, “On the past year we completed some pretty good games, and in this one I think we are going to play better, but the important thing is to do it keeping the defensive solidity, that’s the base of any team, not only for Deportivo.”

For winger Pablo Álvarez it’s a matter of time to see Deportivo displaying its best football, “Man, we must have in mind that the circumstances of each game are what rules a game. The true is that within the last two games we suffered a lot, because we didn’t have the ball, though those were a couple of complicated matches. I’m sure that with the pass of time we will improve, because we know how to do it. I’m convinced that when you play better is when you achieve the better results.”

Even second coach José Luis Ribera was repeating the same speech, “We must improve, not only in terms of goals scored, but also in the dynamic of the game. Right now we are working hard, but the team doesn’t have the brightness and freshness saw on the past year, though we will improve. The team has won the last games, because it has worked hard. Except for the day in which we defeated Xérez with a 0-3, the next two games were won by a narrow 1-0, and that was because we worked hard and were effective in both, defence and attack.”

For Ribera that sacrifice is the key that explains why Deportivo is currently occupying the fourth place in la liga, "We are tough to beat, because the players on the pitch are working hard with and without the ball; if something defines us today are solidarity and compromise on the pitch. The Champions League will be played on the next year. Right now we are fourth, which is phenomenal, but this is just the beginning of the season. We would be saying the same if we would be in a more difficult situation: “a lot still to be played”. Anyhow, is joyful and brings trust and happiness to the people and the environment.”



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