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09 Oct 2009
Coach Lotina gave his usual press conference of the week and analysed the present of his team. He doesn’t want to think of the Champions League, while he didn’t give importance to a possible meeting against Celta for Copa Del Rey.

Miguel Angel Lotina knows that the liga season is just starting, and for him to be  thinking of qualifying to the Champions League at this stage of the competition is as irrelevant as dangerous. That’s why he wants to avoid false ideas and overconfidence, as he said after Thursday’s training at Abegondo, “We don’t talk of the Champions League at the changing room. We don’t even allow the euphoria to approach us.”

“You can notice some kind of euphoria on the fans and on the media, but fortunately that euphoria hasn’t entered yet into our changing room, neither we will let it pass. At the changing room nobody talks of the Champions and that’s what interests me. Yes, we are content with our current position, but just because we know the results are good and according to our hard work, to our solidarity. Yes there’s joy, but we don’t allow the euphoria to approach us. The other day, at halftime, Mallorca was leading and we were goalless. If they have won and we don’t, then they would be the alternative in la liga.” He added.

About the possible rival in Copa Del Rey (the draw is today at 13h00 CET), Lotina didn’t give importance to a possible confrontation against archive rivals Celta Vigo, “A match with Celta has the advantage that it means a trip of just half an hour, for us it won’t be bad. But for our players it’s the same if we face Celta, Salamanca or Hercules. But for the people, the media and for Celta it might be different. The Segunda Clubs know they won’t win the Copa, then their main goal is to face a Primera club, and in this sense the situation is good for Celta. Anyway, we will wait for the draw, ad if we face Celta, we will be pleased to travel to Vigo and say hello to the people.”  

Later the Basque manager analysed the aspirations of Deportivo in Copa Del Rey, “If we want to win the Copa we can’t be speculating about who our rival will be. The Copa is conquered starting in semi-finales, so we can’t start saying that our aspiration is to win it. Right now we can only lose it.”

About the upcoming match with Sevilla, Lotina said that’s a game against a great rival while he announced that Juca and Adrian will train during the weekend in order to accelerate their recuperation, “Both are improving, but will be in treatment on Friday and Saturday and then we will have a clear picture on Monday. Both want to play, but we’ll see. About Sevilla, they can be at the same height than Real Madrid and Barca, but the normal thing is that one of the two giants will win la liga. About us, what we want is to be a good team, and than means to work hard, to defend well and been solidary. Beyond that, in order to be a great team you also need to make signings and work hard.” 

Finally, asked about the possibility of making a new signing to fill the place left by Lafita, Depor’s coach answered with a joke, “Football is like a short blanket, if you cover your head then you end up uncovering your feet. And the blanked that Lendoiro bought is a little short.”.



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