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11 Oct 2009
There are three players at Depor’s first squad that haven’t debuted yet on the season: Angulo, Piscu and Manu. Now the three of them will have an opportunity in Copa Del Rey, tournament that kick-off at the end of the month.

The Copa Del Rey is not only an opportunity to achieve a title for Deportivo, but also a window to the less habitual players in the lineups of Lotina. After six matchdays in la liga, three players from the first squad haven’t had the chance to play: left-back ‘Chico Angulo’, central defender Adrián López ‘Piscu’ and goalkeeper Manu. Newspaper La Voz de Galicia talked with the three of them in order to analyse their status.

For Angulo, who is living his first season at Depor, he must stay alert and waiting for any opportunity, “Until now we didn’t have the chance to play, but we must be prepared and work at the top, because later we will be rewarded. It’s true that our situation is complicated, we are learning to live with it thanks to the support of the family, the team mates and the same coach.”

The Colombian also confessed that he already talked to Lotina about his situation, “He has told me that the coaching staff is happy with me, and to know that leaves me calmer and willing to keep working. He told me that the reason why I don’t enter into the lists for the games is because I only play on the left, while Manu (Manuel Pablo) can do it at both sides. Now it’s time for Copa Del Rey and it’s time to play.”

Another man out of the plans has been Manu, the keeper promoted from Fabril for the present season. However, the Asturian knew that this could happen, “It was what I expected when they told that I was going to be the second keeper. For the moment is the only chance that I have to play.”

He is also optimistic about more opportunities for the future, “Aranzubia is living a spectacular ascending line, but I need to be realistic and ambitious. I work hard every day trying to gain his spot, but it’s a healthy competition that’s good for me, because in this way I don’t lower my arms, and for Dani is good because any player tries to yield more with a pressure behind him. I look like a ventilator, I do not stop moving.

Maybe who can be more frustrated is Piscu, the Galician defender is fulfilling his third season at the first squad and still fighting for a spot. “ I never spent so much time without playing. When I was promoted to the first team, I played. Later I was returning to Fabril in order to play, and on the past season, between the Copa and the UEFA, we were playing. I never spent so much time stopped.”

However, the As Pontes-born defender confessed that he is content with his situation, “I like to play football and enjoy training and working. La liga is a long competition, some players go in and others go out. That’s why you need to be at the top, because at any moment your chance is arriving.”



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