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21 Oct 2009
On Tuesday, Lotina gave a press conference and analysed the present moment of Deportivo. He referred to his men as the team of the ‘Super-work’ or “Super-survival “, while he hopes to have Juca available for Sunday’s game.

Miguel Ángel Lotina talked on Tuesday to reporters at the press room of Abegondo, once again he refused to compare his team with the Super Depor of the past, ”This is not the Super Depor, but the Super-work, the Super-survival and the Super-concentration. That’s what we are and what I want us to be. It’s good to be content, I am content right now, but not for the current standing, but for the way in which we’re achieving the things: with work and solidarity. With those ingredients I think we are on the right way of building a nice team.”

“For me, the whole process is composed by three steps. The first thing is to be a tough and uncomfortable team for the rival. The second thing is to be a good team and that means to like to pass the ball and to not commit foolish mistakes. And the third thing is what makes a team big, and we still need a lot of things in order to be like that.” The Basque coach added.

About the casualties at his squad, Lotina said that he hopes to count with Juca for the upcoming matches, “Juca is willing to play, the doctors say that he is on the right way. If he is not ready for Sunday, we expect to see him in Copa, but things are looking fine  Zé Castro has a small problem when he hits the ball, let’s hope that soon he will join the group.”

Regarding to Lassad, the Meñaka-born coach said that, “There are players that assume really well the messages like this one. Some need confidence in order to yield, others are removed from the pitch and improve a lot. Right now Lassad is better, he needs to improve little by little the level of the past year, because the team needs him.” 

Once again Lotina confirmed that he will make rotations for the Copa, “Because I think it's the best thing to see the team pulling out its best effort. I need the whole team prepared and I can’t demand the best from my players on the trainings and later not give minutes to them” Finally, he commented the possible departure of Bodipo during the winter window, “On December we will see if Bodipo thinks the same, also if we have offers from Betis and if the club is interested. We could be thinking otherwise at that moment, we will valorise the situation later”



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