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24 Oct 2009
Deportivo is searching to score a goal for the ninth straight time; if Lotina’s team is able to conquer a goal at the Nuevo José Zorrilla, then it will be the best streak of the Galicians within the last five years.

It’s true that the base for the current solid performance of the team is the work done in defence, and it’s that Depor is currently the third best defensive line at Primera División with six goals allowed and with fourth straight clean sheets achieved. But it’s also true that the scoring numbers are convincing even the most skeptical fans.

Lotina’s team has scored eleven goals so far, which is the sixth best mark in la liga, only behind Real Madrid (21), Barcelona (17), Sevilla (14), Mallorca (14) and Valencia (12), but the most important fact is the consistency, because Depor has scored at least one goal during each one of the seven matchdays played so far: 2-3 at Real Madrid, 1-0 Vs Malaga, 2-3 Vs Espanyol, 3-0 at Xérez CD, 1-0 Vs Villarreal, 1-0 at Tenerife and 1-0 Vs Sevilla.

Taking in mind that Deportivo also scored a goal in the last matchday of the past season (1-1 Vs Barcelona), then it can be said that Depor has scored at least once within the last eight matches at Primera División. That’s the best streak since Lotina’s arrival and even surpassing all the marks with Joaquín Caparrós on board.

In order to find a better mark, it’s necessary to go back to a period within the end of the season 2003/2004 and the 2004/2005 campaign, at the time the team of Javier Irureta spent 10 straight matchdays scoring at least one goal: 3-0 Vs Celta, 1-0 at Racing Santander, 1-1 at RCD Espanyol, 1-3 Vs Osasuna, 2-1 at Athletic Bilbao, 1-5 Vs Valencia, 1-1 Vs Betis, 1-0 at Real Madrid, 2-1 Vs Getafe and 1-1 at Malaga.

Depor could break this mark if Lotina’s team is able to score during each one of the next three matches in liga: at Valladolid, Vs Sporting Gijón and at Getafe. If the Galician side does it, then it will become into the ninth best mark in the history of the club. However, the record at the club is far from been reached: 25 straight matches scoring at least once, something achieved between matchday 28 of the season 2000/2001 and matchday 14 of the 2001/2002 campaign, always with Irureta at Depor’s bench.



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