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25 Oct 2009
Guardado is surprising on this season due to his endurance. The Mexican had a tough week that included two games with Mexico, a long trip from North America and an exhausting match against Sevilla FC.

Left winger Andrés Guardado is the player at Deportivo’s squad that’s running a larger distance during the matches; it was particular noticed on the past Saturday during the game against Sevilla FC, day in which he ran more than anybody else and despite the Mexican arrived tired and sleepless after playing twice with his national team. His team mates are even starting to joke about it as Laure said that “He has three lungs instead of two.”

Guardado himself says that he’s feeling on shape, as he said to a reporter from newspaper La Opinión A Coruña, “I have told to Edu (Depor’s physical coach) that I am feeling stronger and in a better physical shape compared to other seasons, way more fresher. I noticed it in the game against Villarreal; I feel at the top and noticed that I’m running a lot more.”
Asked if he had a secret, the winger said that he is doing the same things of past years, “I am following the same routine. I eat the same things, plus taking my vitamins after the matches, this in order to have a healthy body. I believe is a genetic issue, since I was a kid I have been running from one place to another and I can’t stay at one place for a very long period of time.”

It was feared that Guardado was not going to be fit enough for the past game against Sevilla, this after the international participation with Mexico, in the end the player noticed the effort, “I was coming after a long trip and I didn’t sleep. I took some pills to sleep on Friday, but on the next day, before the match, I had to take a shower to feel awake. In the end I was dead, I was feeling like the game was not going to end, but I did it.” Guardado said.

Eduardo Domínguez, the physical trainer of the team, was also talking to reporters about the physical state of the Mexican, “He is one of the players that covers a larger distance. Andres is a player of great ability. Not outstanding in any particular quality but remarkable in all. Apart from his technical and tactical qualities, we know that he will always give his best effort. Sometimes you want, but you can’t; well he is willing and is able to do it due to his physical ability. And he yielded very well despite not having a comfortable trip, neither the needed training when he returned to La Coruña.”

"You can notice that he is a player that runs a lot, not only for his capacity, but for the role he plays on the field and for what the coach asks for him. He is a winger and can not stay off, when he loses the ball he immediately has to retreat his offensive position, together with the other side defenders or the midfielders, and that means a lot of work. Probably he is among the two or three players that run more meters during the games" Dominguez added.



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