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27 Oct 2009
The Galician papers were feeling sorry for the defeat of Deportivo; all of them were pointing out to the errors in defence as the main causes for the setback.

La Voz de Galicia: Crushed by the weight of history. To go back to Zorrilla represents for Depor what the Riazor means for Real Madrid: inhospitable territory, a passport to execution, the eternal return to frustration. Yesterday, all the weight of history fell down over Depor in Pucela. Again, one more time. A pitch in which a sanction over Acuña cost a league, and where the decisions of referee Soriano Aladrén cost a ticket to the Cup-Winners Cup, a pitch in which Depor has played in 25 occasions at Primera clinching only two wins, i.e. the same wins in liga added at the Bernabéu and only one less than at the Camp Nou. "Next year I think we will not come. We call Villar and pact a 3-0," Lotina joked, next time he will need to consult a specialist or a magician and travel with a few strings of garlic.

At the moment of trying to finding a rational explanation for Depor’s failure at Pucela, the blue and white players often refer to two factors: that the field is dry and slow, as Fran claimed in the past, and that the cold weather delays the meeting with the pace of the game, as Manuel Pablo pointed out. But these arguments don’t serve to explain what happened in yesterday’s game. The field must have been somewhat wet, because there’s no other explanation for Lopo’s slips, and Depor didn’t last too much to find the pace of the match, because its best minutes were the initials. "They always make their best game of the year against us," Manuel Pablo said before the match. There was no need for it, because Depor was the victim of its own mistakes. There were shades of tragicomedy, as that action between Colotto and Filipe that cost the first goal, Lopo's slip in the second and the unusual knee of Manuel Pablo in the third.

Depor, side that was coming after four straight victories and four games without conceding a goal, fell down against a Valladolid that was living without a win at home within the last seven months. Lotina’s men suffered the highest defeat since the 5-0 of Barca in January, matching the second worst defeat at Valladolid at Primera, a 4-0 in 1953, surpassed only by the 5-0 of 1951. In Segunda it was beyond that, because in 1958 it suffered an 8-2. The team arrived at the top and left with four lashes on its back and without goals scored for the first time in this liga season. Zorrilla is like that... for Depor. Rubén Ventureira.

La Opinión A Coruña: If Deportivo loses it does it with the pain of the goals at its back, not by the minimal 1-0 or even by the most generous 2-1 though it hurts for the way of fitting the strike. In the three losses that the team has suffered on this season, Dani Aranzubia have allowed three or more goals: Madrid did it at the Bernabéu in the opening day (3-2), the second straight game at the Riazor was Espanyol (2-3) and the aggressor in yesterday’s game at Zorrilla (4-0) was Valladolid, side that ripped the well-blended defense of Deportivo.

The defeat at the “pneumonia stadium” ends up with the merits accumulated by the team of Miguel Angel Lotina at the start of the league. Stings the ease with which the team neglects its defensive task and allows the opponent to score more than one goal against Aranzubia. The goalkeeper stopped his streak in 415 minutes without conceding: four complete games, one from the 53rd minute and another until the 18. The Basque had another remarkable performance despite the four balls that he sought at the back of the net. The three gifts given to Valladolid by Deportivo’s defense and the final great goal of Medunjanin are now leaving Depor as the team with more goals allowed, 10, among the six teams that occupy the European positions. R. D. R.

Xornal de Galicia: After achieving four consecutive wins, yesterday Deportivo suffered a comprehensive defeat that sends the team back to its reality. The team from Pucela made no merit to win the match, but Deportivo's gave for free the first three goals. If we add that the Galician team also missed the chances that it had, then the result is perfectly logical. Curiously, until Valladolid scored the first goal, Deportivo was the better side, as it controlled the game in defense and as it was trying to create danger at the opposite area, but neither was a clear dominance.

During the first part of the season, Deportivo has taken an extraordinary return from the set-pieces. The major part of the goals was conquered in such actions. However, yesterday it was demonstrated that the strategy doesn’t always work and that it’s important to have other resources to try to score. The team was not able to have the ball possession when the score was against them and in that way is impossible to generate scoring opportunities. In Valladolid, surely they can’t believe that they have won so easily. Eduardo López ‘Beci’.

AS Yesterday, Valladolid resurrected at the Zorrilla. It won a game seven months later in front of its public and elected Depor to do so and it did it in a big way. Rightly, journalist Pepe Domingo Castaño was asking yesterday why they had chose this rival. Simply because Lotina’s men were passing by Zorrilla at the wrong time, or because they failed to seize their initial domain and, instead, they found an opponent equipped with a very respectable level to perform at Primera División.

But Deportivo had its moment of glory that was miserably missed. You may ask what would have happened if Guardado, first, Riki, Lopo and Riki again had taken advantage of the chances they had. Since they didn’t do it, we would never know, and what was found was the first goal of Nauzet, who showed the path to the victory. The Canarian finished from close range an impeccable pass of Canobbio. The Uruguayan is a kind of Morante de la Puebla of football, a player that when is inspired is capable of anything. It lacks continuity, but, like the good perfumes, drops anthology, as the shot that Aranzubía saved before the break, and the free-kick that was also saved by the visiting keeper

The second part was an ordeal for Deportivo. It never turned the face of the match, and nothing was working out. Colotto sent the ball out. Bodipo missed and a clear shot of Juan Rodriguez ended up on the post when Villar was beaten. The Paraguayan had blessed his goal and the road to the ball was closed. By the way, it surprised the starting role of Justo Villar. Jacobo is now paying the 16 goals conceded before, watching from the bench as Villar was clinching a clean sheet and doing well. The local defense felt comfortable for the first time in this league and the counterattacks of Valladolid were deadly. J. Ignacio Tornadijo

Norte de Castilla: The art of football is not only a heritage for the big clubs, and less in the Spanish League, because there is art, that's undeniable. And Real Valladolid has it. How to describe then the subtle and deadly pass of Canobbio to Nauzet in the first goal? Or the chip of Haris Medunjanin from outside the box? Or the chest passes of Diego Costa? Today, once again, the business that surrounds the game will be slacker with the modest. It will be emphasised the hard times of Real Madrid, the incomprehensible setback of Atletico or Cristiano Ronaldo's ankle. But Zorrilla will stay with a delicious taste of a 4-0 as strong as aesthetic.

This Real Valladolid had missed some things in this start to the season. A pinch of luck, peace and that point of self-esteem that plenty of players, with more years at Primera, have on their backs. Neither Nivaldo nor Nauzet, nor Diego Costa, nor Marquitos have it before... Stellar players in other competitions, at other places, but not here at the top flight. Something began to change with the draw against Athletic, and suffered a reversal with the great goal of Nauzet at the Bernabéu. As if they had finally realized that Primera División is not big for them, that there is quality and interesting things to do, especially at home, it was time to change the course. Nobody better to symbolize this change than Fabian Canobbio, the Uruguayan was still missing in action after eight matchdays. A luxury for Real Valladolid. Mendilibar put him back in the starting eleven, a push of encouragement. A. G. Encinas



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