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31 Oct 2009
Of the twelve goals scored by Deportivo on the regular season, seven have been conquered in set-pieces; this means almost the 60% of the total. The strategic plays are now Lotina’s main path to the goals.

The tally of goals at Deportivo has been one of the main worries within the last seasons, but the situation has been different for the present campaign. Lotina’s team scored at least one goal within the first seven matches, mark that was broken against Valladolid, and currently it represents the eighth best offensive line with eleven goals scored in la liga plus the one conquered in Copa Del Rey.

And this positive change can only be explained by the success in set-pieces, because Depor has scored the 60% of its goals through a stationary play. Actually, Depor is second at Primera División in terms of more goals scored in set-pieces (6), just surpassed by Getafe (7) and above Barcelona (6) and Real Madrid (4).

All started in the opening day after Juca threw a free-kick that Riki capitalised against Iker Casillas. Then the situation exploded after the Galicians conquered three goals in the same way against Xérez CD, one after a direct free-kick and two after taking a corner-kick, actions in which Juca was the protagonist.

Then Juca scored once again from a direct free-kick against Villarreal, until this point the Brazilian had participated in all the five goals conquered through a stationary play, and there were some worries after he sustained an injury that has kept him out of action within the last weeks. But his replacement, Sergio, came out from the bench to take his role of set-pieces taker.

And the Catalan has participated in the last two goals scored by Deportivo as he was the one taking the set-piece, first throwing a corner-kick against Tenerife that Lopo headed at the near post and that Colotto capitalised to pick up three important points, and the most recent success was in Copa as Sergio threw a perfect corner that Lopo only needed to push in. Without doubt the set-pieces are one of the explanations for Depor’s positive start of season.



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