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03 Nov 2009
The media unanimously appointed that Deportivo deserved better luck in this game; everybody wrote that the bad luck, bad calls of the referee and the posts prevented a different result. Even the papers in Asturias appoint they were somehow lucky.

La Opinión A Coruña: Depor smashes against everything. Last night Deportivo created more chances than ever before on this season, but scored the goal as usual: in set-pieces. It was the night of football with capital letters, because the show, on and off the field, was outstanding. The Galician team took a 1-0 lead, as against Malaga, Villarreal and Sevilla, but this time it was not able to keep the clean sheet. And that taking in mind it could have sentenced the game before Diego Castro scored the final 1-1. Eventually, a point is a minor prize for Lotina’s team. Sporting pushed and was brave, as usual, but if anyone deserved the triumph, that side was Depor. The referee first, and the posts later, deprived of a greater reward for the Blanquiazul team, side that, on last night, had almost all the elements against it. Eugenio Cobas

 La Voz de Galicia: The 1-0 score at half-time wasn’t enough for a Depor that should have counted with a penalty at the first minute, but that the referee didn’t want to whistle, maybe because it was too soon. Thereafter, Sporting was leaning forward, giving the impression that it was looking to surprise Lotina’s men, who did not give a further step forward. The first condition was to not allow the speed in the arrival of the Asturians to find a way to Aranzubía. Deportivo attacked with less intensity but with more danger. We noticed (plus the penalty) a shot from Riki that hit the crossbar and a clear chance of Lassad, in a one-on-one action with the goalkeeper. Then the goal came, scored by Lassad, important before the break. In the second half Depor sought to preserve the 1-0, and Sporting to level it. It got it through a poor play of Aranzubía at the 24th minute and it was the latest novelty, because once again the post returned a shot from Riki. At the end a draw that pleased the return of the Asturians. Vicente Leirachá

AS The Mareona is returning happy to Gijón thanks to the point added. Depor was better and had the triple of occasions, but an error of Aranzubía condemned Lotina’s team to a draw they didn’t deserve. It was the award for 8,000 Asturian and faithful fans and the punishment for the great game made by Riki and the awakening of Lassad, who slowly returns to find himself.

And it’s that Depor started the match showing that the lesson of last season’s 0-3 was already learned. Lotina insisted that his team lacked dynamic and goals in normal plays. Well, the first part of the speech was perfectly applied by his players. Riki’s possible penalty came at minute two, very clear arrivals of Juan Rodriguez and Lassad; Riki turned spectacularly to send a volley against the crossbar... All very dynamic, but the score did not open until Lassad took advantage of a dead ball over the line and after a strategic move that Juan Rodriguez smashed against the crossbar.

In the second part the script seemed to be the same, but without knowing how Sporting, faith-based, began to find the spaces. In one of them, which included the error of Aranzubía, they found the tie. Curiously the only Galician player on the pitch was wearing the red and white shirt, and curiously it was him who punished a good Deportivo and made happy a Mareona that was making a feast of football at the Riazor. Luis De La Cruz

Xornal de Galicia: When a team is far superior to its rival, disposing of many occasions to sentence the meeting and if doesn’t take advantage of those chances, then it always takes the risk that the rival could take advantage of any mismatch and get the equalizer. And that was precisely what happened to Deportivo. In the first part it could have scored more than one goal. And in the second, Sporting seized the only error of the defense to equalize. It was a very unfortunate action, one in which Aranzubia slips and can not prevent the goal. Without considering that action, there were no defensive errors.

In today's Deportivo, there’s one aspect that particularly concerns me. It is becoming habitual that, after a corner kick in favour of the Galician team, the rival takes advantage to start an offensive action, with the defensive zone very short of troops to stop that action, and its that the central defenders always go up in the attempt to head the ball. I think that it’s an aspect that Deportivo must try to solve, because these actions can have very negative consequences for the ‘Herculean’ team. Yesterday, Sporting took advantage of it. Eduardo López ‘Beci’

La Nueva España (Asturias): It took all the breath of more than seven thousand Sportinguistas throats, who yesterday shattered at the stands of the Riazor, to awaken Sporting. After a disjointed first half in which the team looked dazed, Los Rojiblancos signed an exquisite second part and could even slice the three points from Deportivo. It is also true that they could have returned with nothing, if it wasn’t for the magnet that brought the posts against the shots of Riki. The balance is good and Sporting returns from La Coruña with another point in the bag and a smile on its face. The draw against an estimable Deportivo leaves the same sweet aftertaste compared to a deserved victory, and confirms the transformation of a team that has won packing without losing freshness.

And that taking in mind the first signs were not too good. The atmosphere that existed at the stands, tinged with red and white since long before the players jumped to warm up, somewhat weighed Sporting’s players. Preciado's men wanted to bring a victory to the fans and fell into precipitation. In a frantic first half, the match was slipping through Sporting’s fingers.

It was necessary the pause to take a moment of reflection. From there, Sporting looked like itself. It ran hard, but now with criteria. And overflowed all over an opponent that matured during the first half; Deportivo took the hectic pulse proposed by Sporting, but eventually fell down due to the lack of custom. Thus came the equaliser and some more goals could have arrived. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been fair taking in mind the merits did on the meeting. The draw leaves the Rojiblancos happier against a Deportivo that’s choking everything it faces Sporting, but the story could be quite different if the Galicians would have had refined their aim. Víctor Rivera



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