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04 Nov 2009
Depor’s coach said on Tuesday that he still feeling content with his team despite missing a win in the last two games. He also said that Juan Rodriguez isn’t matching the level of the past season and that this fact explains why he is playing at the right.

Miguel Angel Lotina started the press conference saying that his team was neither so good when it achieved four straight wins nor too bad now that spent two consecutive games without a victory, “I don’t know who was inflating the balloon, but it wasn’t us. We just talk of working and improving, because it is in what we believe.”

“Our fans are demanding to see us playing with intensity and displaying good football, and I have noticed that they are happy with that. As long as we play as persons and not as robots we will keep seeing errors, we will have better days and also others that will be worse.” The coach added.

Depor’s manager had some words for the work done by Juan Rodriguez, “He has been playing on the right wing, that’s the place where we have been making changes. Juan isn’t at the same level of the past year, that’s why I’m keeping the couple Sergio-Antonio Tomás at the centre, but he can contribute with some things up front. On Sunday he was at every play. Until he matches his normal level, he will keep playing there, and I am content with the couple at midfield.”

Once again the reporters were asking about possible arrivals, and Lotina responded that, “The president knows my thoughts since August, but he keeps saying “don’t drown me” (He laughed) I just have to pull out the maximum from my players, which is my obligation. I say one thing in public, but only say what I think to the president, because if I start to speak out about our needs, then the players feel like been kicked out. I was a player in the past and I know these things. I can’t cry in public, it isn’t my style and neither is respectful with the president, the fans and the same players “

He was also praising the current level of Riki, “He has been fine lately and on Sunday he was pretty good. It depends on him, nobody doubts of his potential. He is more focused now; we have spoken to him and isn’t losing the place on the pitch, now he’s a reference. We are content with him.”

Finally, he was giving his impression about Getafe, the rival for Saturday’s game, “It’s a team full of quality, with a coach that likes to practice the good football and that has a strong level in attack. I like Getafe very much; they have spent the last years with a pretty strong squad, since the times with Quique (Sánchez Flores). They have very good players.”



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