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04 Nov 2009
First POM for Juan Rodríguez; within the last weeks the Andalusian midfielder has been an important piece in the schemes of Lotina and the Peña members of RCDLC.com have noticed his efforts on the pitch.

It was a tough month to proclaim a single man as the player of the month; Deportivo played four officials games in October from which the Peña members voted in only three of them (Valladolid’s game was not voted), and three different players were picked as Depor’s best man on the pitch, including Juan Rodriguez, who in the end claimed the award as the best player during October.

Despite the diversity in the results, the award is justified, because ‘Juanro’ was an important man during the month, he entered during the second half at Tenerife and was the key factor that explains why Deportivo improved its game to end picking the three points at the Canarian island. But the Peña members chose Diego Colotto, who scored the winning goal, as the best player in that game, followed by Andrés Guardado and Albert Lopo, Rodriguez just ended in the fourth place.

The best presentation for Juan Rodriguez came in the next game against Sevilla FC as he completed a new solid game, and the ex-Malaga even scored the winning goal with a impressive shot from the edge of the area. He earned his first MOM of the season in that game. Guardado ended second, again, and Manuel Pablo claimed the third spot.

The “substitutes” jumped to the pitch for the Copa clash against Murcia, and this time Manu impressed the Peña members with his saves, reason why he was picked as  the best man in the match, to mention that the Asturian was making his debut wit the first team. Same case that Brayan Angulo, who claimed the second spot for the game. The third place was Lopo, who scored the winning goal. During the month, the Catalan central defender and Mexican winger Guardado were the only two players that repeated their presence in the list of best three men on different games.


At Tenerife (3/10/09)

1st. Colotto - 5 pts (56)

2nd. Guardado - 3 pts 34)

3rd. Lopo - 1 pt (15)

Vs Sevilla (17/10/09)

1st. Juan Rodriguez - 5 pts (36)

2nd. Guardado - 3 pts (30)

3rd. Manuel Pablo - 1 pt (28)

Vs Murcia (Copa - 28/10/09)

1st. Manu - 5 pts (25)

2nd. Angulo - 3 pts (13)

3rd. Lopo - 1 pt (7)

Despite been injured and after missing all the games of the month, Brazilian Juca still leading the race for RCDLC.com player of the season award. The ex-Partizan has the double of points compared to Filipe and Guardado, the current duo at the second place.

1st. Juca - 15 pts 

2nd. Filipe - 9 pts 

2nd  Guardado - 9 pts 

3rd  Aranzubia - 6 pts 

4th  Colotto - 5 pts 

4th. Juan Rodriguez - 5 pts 

4th. Laure - 5 pts

4th. Manu - 5 pts 

5th  Adrian - 3 pts

5th  Angulo - 3 pts

5th. Valeron - 3 pts 

6th  Lopo - 2 pts 

7th  Manuel Pablo - 1 pt 

7th  Ze Castro - 1 pt




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