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14 Nov 2009
Deportivo received a hard hit on Thursday as it was confirmed that Brayan Angulo suffered an Anterior Cruciate rupture on his left knee. The Colombian will be operated on Tuesday and will be out for six months.

Angulo sustained the injury after just thirty minutes on Tuesday’s Copa game against Real Murcia. At the beginning it was said that the problem was “minimal”, but new scans determined that the problem is more serious. In the end doctors will have to operate the knee on Tuesday and, at least, the Colombian left-back will be out of action for six months.

It is a complicate injury, but in recent years other three Depor’s players suffered the same problem and the three of them returned to professional football: Juan Carlos Valerón, Rodolfo Bodipo and Antonio Barragán

On Friday Doctor Ramón Barral talked to reporters and explained the seriousness of the case, “We don’t know yet the exact number of months that he will need for a full recovery, but the scans revealed that the rupture on the knee was complete, which indicates that he will be out for at least six months. It looks like a simple rupture, but until the retroscopy, which means to see the knee by the inside, we can not discard any further damage due to an associated injury. For the moment there are no hurries, we must go phase by phase and not taking any risk.”

Before to the press conference of Barral, Angulo himself talked to reporters and explained his feelings after receiving the news, "I am calmed and very content, because the coach and the club's officials have been there with me, and that gives me strength. As they are with me now, I want to demonstrate that I can be recovered as soon as possible and able to join this group that has trusted in me. We thought it was a simpler problem, but in the end it wasn’t as we wished. Now the injury is there and we need to operate as soon as possible. I will try to recover as soon as possible, always calmed but wishing to be ready soon.”

Angulo was signed during the summer as the alternative for Filipe Luis, player that had to take part in all the liga games of the past season since he didn’t have a proper replacement. Now, with Angulo out for almost the rest of the season, the situation is the same and coach Miguel Angel Lotina will have to decide if he will stay like this or if the club has to search for a replacement in the winter market. Another option is to give minutes, at least in Copa Del Rey, to the two left-backs at Fabril: 19-year-old Cristian Valle and 20-year-old Raul García Granero.

Lotina talked about this subject at Abegondo’s press room, “We can not say that we are affected by this problem, because Filipe is an animal and as long as you throw more food to him the more content he is. If we decide to rest him, then we will play with Laure or Manuel Pablo on that position, evidently it is not the same. We will have a meeting with the president and will talk about the status of the team, but without hurries, because the situation is not complicated.”

Depor’s coach preferred to emphasise Angulo’s need of love in this tough moment, “The important thing now is to cheer up Angulo, because he was wishing to play. We must try to make him understand that, at his age, in seven or eight months he will be at the same level of the past.”

Another doubt is to know what will happen with Angulo for the coming season, it must be remembered that he was loaned from Portuguese club Leixoes Sport Club with a buyout option of one million Euros. On Friday Lotina told to reporters that he will suggest to Lendoiro his continuity at the club, “We will talk to the president, because we think he can be a good player for Depor. We were thinking the same before and we won’t change just because he is injured now. Our recommendation is to talk with his former club in order to allow his continuity for one more year. We believe that he has a great future and it’s a good choice for the club.”

“Taking in mind the sporting sense, we believe that he is a valid option for the club, because there aren’t too many left-back defenders available on the market, and he has a great future. Later we must realise that he is a cool kid, therefore he has everything to continue at Depor.” The Basque coach added.



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