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07 Mar 2006
Caparr??s talked yesterday with the media about several issues. The injuries of Andrade and Valer??n, their possible replacements and the next match against Real Sociedad were some of the themes analysed. The copa match against Espanyol was also confirmed for the next Wednesday.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s talked after yesterday's training about the latest issues affecting his squad. Firstly he qualified as a disgrace the serious injuries suffered by Valer??n and Andrade: "It's a disgrace. Unfortunately this profession has a negative aspect when a player has to be out of the pitch for a long time."

The Utrera-born trainer also said that his team is feeling the absence of both players since they are pillars in his formation: "Andrade and Valer??n gave us a lot from that part that we, the coaches call the invisible part. They are two players that are always involved with the team, those that knows how to transmit the philosophy of the squad."

Despite of the situation, Caparr??s believes that at this point it's impossible to find replacements for them. For that reason he's refusing to talk about possible incorporations: "There isn't a proper replacement in the market at this moment. We need someone that could play on Saturday and players like this don't exist in the current market."

For that reason the Sevillan coach is announcing that the men that have only enjoyed a few opportunities during the current season will be the ones with the responsibility of playing in this key moment: "We have to use the people we have, I'm talking of the players that had only played for a few minutes. Now it's the moment in which we have to demonstrate the importance of having them at the top conditions during the complete season."

Now Caparr??s is hoping to end the bad luck at the Riazor, he also announced that Trist??n will be a starter on Saturday when Depor receives Real Sociedad: "On Saturday, and knowing our difficulties at the Riazor, we have to achieve the three points that will let us aspire to the top places. And later on Wednesday we will face Espanyol, a question of to be or not to be. I also have clear in my mind that Diego Trist??n will play on Saturday and I already talked with him. In this form I want to end this endless debate about his current condition,"

The Supreme Sporting Council (CSD) announced that the game between Deportivo and Espanyol will be played on Wednesday March 15th, ending the legal battle of Deportivo in order to move the game for today. In this sense the liga game with Real Sociedad will start at 20h00 on Saturday while Espanyol will receive Celta two hours before.

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