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18 Nov 2009
Brayan Angulo was operated on Tuesday in order to correct the anterior cruciate ligament rupture on his left knee, the good news is that doctors expect that he will start to train in three months and not in six as it was said before.

The Colombian left-back defender suffered the problem on the past Tuesday as he only lasted thirty minutes in the Copa clash with Real Murcia. The operation involved the surgical reconstruction of the torn and an intraarticular technique (using a structure from within the knee called patellar tendon) which will replace the anterior cruciate ligament. Angulo will spend a couple of days at the hospital and then he will start to work in his recovery.

The good news is that the doctors didn’t find any additional problem in his knee, which means that his recovery will be faster than it was thought before. Doctor Rafael Arriaza, who was in charge of the operation, gave a press conference and explained the situation, “It was an isolated  rupture, which means that no additional injuries were related to the problem, therefore the diagnosis in a short and long term are very positive. Actually, he didn’t bleed from the bound “

"After leaving the hospital, he will start a basic work of physical therapy and electrostimulation to avoid losing muscle. In about four weeks, Angulo will begin to bear weight on the foot. In six or eight weeks, he will start to do a few things with a bigger intensity, and in about three months, he will be able to run and train on the pitch.” Arriaza added.



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