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02 Dec 2009
The defensive line of Depor is not only completing a solid job at the back zone, but itís also contributing to score the goals. Lotinaís team has added 15 points thanks to its defenders, actually Depor always win when a defender scores a goal.

Deportivo is completing a remarkable season so far: fifth in the table and aspiring to the European places. And the key for it is the work done by its defenders. Depor is the fifth best defensive line with only twelve goals allowed after twelve matchdays, which includes seven clean sheets. But the work done by the players at the back zone is not only reserved to defend Deporís goal, because they have been also important in attack.

So far, the Deportivoís defenders have scored five goals on la liga season: Filipe Luis (2), Diego Colotto (2) and Lopo (1), which is the highest mark among the 20 Primera clubs, including Barcelona: 4 - Pique (2), Daniel Alves (2) and Real Madrid: 3 - Marcelo (2), Pepe (1).

Beyond that, those five goals have meant 15 of the 25 points added by Depor so far (the 60%). And itís that Depor has always won a liga encounter each time that one of its defenders scores a goal. All started with Filipe, who scored the decisive goal against Malaga (1-0), then Colotto did the same as he conquered the lonely goal at Tenerife (1-0).

Both defenders repeated their scoring appearance as Filipe contributed with a goal in the 2-0 win at Getafe, later Colotto scored the equaliser in a game against Atletico Madrid, clash that ended 2-1 in favour of the Galicians. The penalty that meant the second goal for Depor in this game was committed over the other central defender at the team, Albert Lopo, who in the past weekend scored the winning goal over Racing Santander (1-0).

And to remember that the scoring contribution of the defenders is going beyond la liga competition, because in the last-32 round in Copa Del Rey it was Lopo who scored the lonely goal in the series to overcome Real Murcia. The Catalan scored his goal in the first-leg match, while the second was a goalless match. All of these numbers just prove the importance of Deporís defenders in the solid campaign made so far.



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