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02 Dec 2009
Depor is offering to Mallorca to exchange the unpaid debt in Luque’s transfer for the debt had in the case of Aouate, while the Galician club is not thinking of paying the compensation to Atletico Baleares in Xisco’s case.

On Tuesday it was known that Deportivo is ready to offer a deal to RCD Mallorca in order to ‘exchange‘ the debt of Albert Luque for the one of b>Dudu Aouate. The Majorcans are reclaiming €362,000 plus the interests (€108,000) corresponding to the payments of July and August, amounts that were never paid by Deportivo. Besides, it was known that Depor still owing other €898,000 in this same operation, this last amount expires in the coming months.

During the past week it was known that the case was handled by a judge in La Coruña, who gave to Depor until yesterday to complete the payment, in other case the assets of the Galicians will be garnished. But on Tuesday day it was known that Depor was ready to present a motion in which the club is offering to exchange big part of the debt for Luque for the debt had by Mallorca for the transfer of Dudu Aouate.

 The keeper was transferred for €800,000 and, as part of the arrangement, it was established that Mallorca will start to make the payments until the year 2010, this due the financial problems had by the Majorcans. In this way Lendoiro is trying to take advantage of the good relation with the president of Mallorca, Mateu Alemany. If this option is accepted, then the debt for Luque will be reduced only to €460,000.

On Tuesday it was also known that Deportivo has decided to not make any payment to Atletico Baleares in the case of Xisco. The Majorcan club had the right to receive part of a future transfer when the striker was transferred to Fabril, later Depor sold him to Newcastle United for €11.5 million and Atletico Baleares was reclaiming €567,500.

A judge in La Coruña gave the reason to the Majorcans, but according to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña, Depor is not accepting the sentence. Besides these two cases, Depor still has to solve the case with Atlas de Guadalajara for Diego Colotto, the Mexicans are reclaiming €1.6 million and the case has even been taken to FIFA.



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