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03 Dec 2009
Brazilian defender Filipe talked to reporters ahead of the clash with Barcelona; for the first time he admitted that was wrong during the broken negotiations had between Depor and Barca during the summer transfer window.

A lot of things have been said after Barcelona failed to sign left-back defender Filipe Luis during the past transfer window, but on Wednesday and for the first time, the Brazilian player was admitting that Lendoiro was right when he blocked his exit to the Catalan club, "We must recognize that at the time I was very angry with president Lendoiro. But today, December 2, I know he was right and know I was wrong, now itís time to work, to continue in the same line, and surely new opportunities will come. If I have to leave, I hope the club will come out winning more than anyone. "

ďMany things changed in my life, but I learned to react well, with the help of many people. It helped me to learn and to repent of many things I did and others I didnít. And to grow up, to be entering the field on every Sunday knowing that a team like Barca was fighting almost the entire summer to get me out of here, it must give me the confidence and the motivation to improve and continue working. " The Brazilian added.

Filipe continued on the subject, "I always say what I think. At that moment I thought the best thing was to press, maybe if I hadnít done it I would be here thinking: If I would have pressed more... I have no regrets, everything helps you to learn. Today I see that is isnít like this, because the president controls everything with his hands and to press is not worthy, so I was wrong. The important thing is to understand that I committed a mistake and I know that, in a certain moment of the summer, I didnít really know well what I was thinking, I was very nervous listening to many people who wanted to help and others that donít. I was wrong in many ways, and one of them was to get in the way of the negotiation. Today I see it clearly, if it happens again, donít count on me to make the calls, because I will leave and I donít want to be involved. It doesnít depend on me, there are people who take care of that. I only work on the pitch, so I'll never make that mistake again. "

ďIn my view, Lendoiro was right. Things werenít done well by many people. The president never had the chance, not even a possibility to negotiate, just attacks on him all the time, and now I understand. It's a step that is forgotten and I'll like to remain with the positive things, which is that the Barca that conquered the treble was in La CoruŮa to take me. " He added.

In this sense Filipe said that he doesnít have any hard feeling for Barca, "I have nothing to prove to Barca. They've seen me play; I guess a lot of games if they were interested. It isnít a meeting that will prove they were wrong, they werenít. They signed a crack, my friend Maxwell, and he is happy there and I here at the club. Things are demonstrated each time you go out to the pitch, in every practice and every game, in thirty-eight matches and not in one. Iíll try that: to make a great season. "

If Messi plays the game, the ex-Real Madrid Castilla player will probably have the responsibility of marking the new Golden Boot award winner, something that it isnít scaring him, "Barca is a great team, but no team feels comfortable playing at the Riazor. It was for Espanyol, but because we were not good enough, it wonít be easy for anyone. If we play concentrated, with the same enthusiasm, sure we can beat them. Although Dunga will see the game, a single match will not change anything, but everybody will be watching. But I have confidence, because we are all at a great moment, we are incredible in a physical sense, everyone wants to play, and so I am confident that we can win. Pressured to stop Messi? I was nervous at the Nou Camp when we were in relegation, now I have a lot of confidence to stop him."

Finally, Filipe was talking of his connection with Andrťs Guardado, ďWith Guardado I have a special feeling, very special, it helps me a lot. I have to invite him to a special dinner at the end of the season, we help each other a lot and we understand what the other is doing. Heís a phenomenon and will be a great with Alvťs and Messi, we must be careful to bring the aids and coverage.Ē



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