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04 Dec 2009
The midfielder talked on Thursday and said that the key to stop Barcelona is to obstruct their game at the centre of the pitch. He also had a few words for the current state of his renewal.

After Thursday’s training session, midfielder Sergio talked at Abegondo’s press room, he was saying that the squad is not thinking of breaking the mark of points after 13 matchdays, but of improving the level on the pitch, "We are not looking if this is the best start or not, but trying to get the three points in every game, this in order to maintain this privileged position. The team is still missing something in terms of football, but at the level of the points added is complicated to ask for more. The yield is very high, and the profitability is very strong, and that’s why we are up there. "

The Catalan said that the work in midfield during the upcoming clash with Barcelona is the key to achieve a good result at the Riazor, "In order to see the ball arriving to Iniesta, Messi and Ibrahimovic, they first have to go through midfield and I think that the fewer passes they receive, the more chance we have of winning. This depends on having a very strong midfield. That is the key, to create a short circuit for not seeing the ball reaching the players that unbalance the game and score the goals, and that’s our mission: to not allow them to link with the attack. Deportivo’s qualifying situation allows us to face more calmly the game and enjoy of a football match against players with a very high level."

Sergio isn’t worried by the rotations that Barca could make at the Riazor, because he is aware that any player at the Catalan team can be decisive, "The other day Pedro went out and gave a hard battle. No matter who comes out, anybody can screw you, they have plenty individualities and are very good, we must try to counter it with our football, with our solidarity, with our work and our honor, and hopefully we can achieve a victory. "

The midfielder confirmed that he still waiting to sign his renewal and confessed he will love to retire at Depor, “It is true that there is an 80% chance that this will be my last contract. That’s why I want to leave a good memory and to retire with a good taste in my mouth; I want to fight during this year and a half as it is the last, which could be true.”

“The subject of the renewal still sidelined, the president has it almost closed with my father. It is true that hasn’t been signed, but my father and the president are two persons that always fulfill their word and we shouldn’t have any problem. We are only missing the sign, and it’s just a matter of closing it in one of these days. There is no problem, no difficulty, neither an asterisk. Only two phrases that I want to put in a way and the president in another, but in the end it is the same. Nothing is under negotiation, just a matter of sitting and signing.” He added.



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