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08 Dec 2009
Two terrific performances in the final two matches of November helped Diego Colotto to clinch his very first Player of the Month award (POM). Now the Argentine defender is second in the general list of the season.

Deportivo played five matches during November, month that ended to be great for the Galicians as Lotina’s team added three victories and two draws. In the first two matches the strikers at the team were the ones that catched the eye of the Peña members. No matter the draw at home against Sporting turned to be disappointing, an exceptional performance from Riki was awarded with his first Man of the Match award (MOM) of the season. Lassad also achieved his first point, while incombustible Juan Rodriguez ended second in the list for that game.  Colotto was the seventh most voted player in the match against the Asturians.

Then Depor visited Getafe and added an important victory, the resurrected Mista won his first MOM of the season thanks to his goal and assist, while Filipe ended second, once again Juan Rodriguez kept the preferences of the Peña members, this time ending third and Colotto was fourth, just two points under the tally of the Andalusian midfielder.

The third game of the month was another disappointment at home as Depor could only draw at home against Real Murcia playing for Copa Del Rey. The ‘substitutes’ jumped to the grass of the Riazor and Laure added his first MOM ever, with Manuel Pablo and Antonio Tomás ended second. Valerón and Manu were third.

And Diego Colotto emerged for the final two games of the month as Deportivo’s defence was the key to clinch two straight victories over Atletico Madrid (2-1) and Racing Santander (1-0). Beyond his defensive contribution, the Argentine was awarded with a MOM against Atletico as he scored the first goal of the Galicians, while the ex-Atlas ended second against the Cantabrians, just surpassed by Albert Lopo, the other central defender that scored the winning goal at El Sardinero.


Vs Sporting (Liga - 1/11/09)
1st. Riki - 5 points (58)
2nd. Juanro - 3 points (22)
3rd. Lassad - 1 point (9)

At Getafe (Liga - 7/11/09)
1st. Mista - 5 points (47)
2nd. Filipe - 3 points (30)
3rd. Juanro - 1 point (16)

Vs Murcia (Copa - 10/11/09)
1st. Laure -5 points ( 6)
2nd. M. Pablo & Tomas - 3 points (5)
3rd. Valerón & Manu - 1 pt (1)

Vs Atletico (Liga - 21/11/09)
1st. Colotto - 5 points (46)
2nd. A. Tomas - 3 points (22)
3rd. Guardado 1 point (19)

At Racing (Liga - 29/11/09)
1st. Lopo - 5 points (26) 
2nd. Colotto - 3 points (21)
3rd. Filipe - 1 point (19)

To mention that during the month only four players were in the top-three in at least two different games: Filipe, Antonio Tomás, Juan Rodriguez and Colotto. Juca still leading the global ranking despite missing November’s five games due to injury reasons, but Colotto and Filipe are now behind the Brazilian, just separated by two points.

1st. Juca - 15 pts 

2nd. Colotto - 13 pts 

2nd. Filipe - 13 pts 

4th. Laure - 10 pts 

4th. Guardado - 10 pts 

6th. Juan Rodriguez - 9 pts 

7th. Lopo - 7 pts

8th. Aranzubia - 6 pts 

8th. Manu - 6 pts 

8th. A. Tomas - 6 pts 

11th. Mista - 5 pts 

11th. Riki - 5 pts 

13th. Manuel Pablo - 4 pts 

13th. Valeron - 4 pts 

15th. Adrian - 3 pts

15th. Angulo - 3 pts 

17th. Lassad - 1 pt 

17th. Ze Castro - 1 pt




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