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11 Dec 2009
The injuries still hitting Deportivo, now Guardado is doubtful for Sunday’s clash at Almeria as he still revering from a thigh problem. At least Filipe Luis is fit enough after surpassing an adductor injury.

The last game against Barcelona FC is not only leaving Deportivo with its fourth defeat of the liga season, but also with several players suffering from different physical problems. Juca sustained an ankle sprain during a play against midfielder Busquets, while other four players are not at 100% as they ended exhausted. Those four men are Manuel Pablo, Adrián, Filipe and Guardado, the last two didn’t train on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday the Brazilian was already fine and the Mexican just completed part of the training session.

Physical coach Eduardo Domínguez was explaining the cases to reporters, “The game against Barca left us with an important physical burden. Some matches are more exhausting than others, not only in a physical sense, but also emotional and psychologically.” According to Domínguez these four men ran between 11 and 12 kilometers during the match, reason why they started to suffer from different muscular problems.

Filipe was having an adductor injury (groin), while Guardado was carrying with a Triceps surae problem at both thighs. But Depor’s physical coach was saying that their absence from the trainings was more a precaution measure, and even assured that both should be fit for the game at Almeria, “At this stage of the season, we are beginning to evaluate the situation player by player. Filipe and Guardado were able to train with the group, but we decided not to do so. Sometimes the player wants to train, but you have to say no, that’s for their symptoms, because they say “I'm a little tired”. We must regulate their work. They have been working apart from the group and at a different level, this in order to have them ready for Almeria."

However, Guardado said on Friday that that doctors “Will try to be prudent ahead of my participation in Sunday’s game. I’ve made some things in the training, I worked with the ball and it was a little painful. When you aren’t at 100%, you don’t feel well. Neither I nor the doctors want to take risks, because on January we have a busy schedule and I want to be fine. I haven’t done yet a complete training session and we will see what happens from here to Sunday”, this could mean that the Mexican winger won’t be a starter at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos.

Meanwhile, doctor Carlos Lariño gave more details about the injury of midfielder Juca, he said that’s difficult to determine how many days the Brazilian will be off, “The player might be ready to train in four days or could have to wait for three weeks. The problem with a bone edema is that there’s less literature to make comparisons and is difficult to know how long it takes to heal. The bone has a peculiar tissue and sometimes blood is filtered by the inside, as now. Juca seems to be a victim of voodoo, because he told me that when he played for Partizan, he never had injuries and at Depor he already carries with two.”



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