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16 Dec 2009
On Sunday, Juan Domínguez became the seven youngsters to be promoted from Fabril since the arrival of Miguel Angel Lotina, and also the thirtieth since Depor returned to Primera División back on the season 1991/92.

“The third lesson of Lendoiro” or Deportivo’s new policy about trusting in young people lived a new chapter on Sunday as Juan Domínguez debuted at Primera División, the 19-year-old midfielder was a starter and played 57 minutes during the 1-1 draw against UD Almeria.

In this way, the Galician boy became into the thirtieth Fabril’s player that makes a debut in liga with Depor’s first team since the last promotion. The first men on this list are Fran, his brother José Ramón, Arturo Patiño and Mariano Hoyas, who did it eighteen years ago during the returning campaign of Deportivo to Primera División (season 1991/92)
The Pontedume-born player is also the seventh player taken from Tito Ramallo’s team since the arrival of Miguel Angel Lotina to Deportivo two and a half seasons ago. The previous six boys in this list are keeper Fabricio, central defenders Adrián López ‘Piscu’ and David Vázquez González ‘Chapi’, right-back defender Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’, left-winger/playmaker Iván Pérez and Tunisian striker Lassad Nouioui. Other case is Alex Bergantiños, who made his career at Fabril, but that debuted this season at Primera with Xérez CD.

On Monday Dominguez was giving his impressions about the level of Primera División, "The game is faster, the passes and the controls are more accurate. After just two minutes everything seems new, but then you focus on the game and forgot about the rest. It was incredibly to go out of the pitch to allow the entry of Valerón. I never imagined that it would happen. It is a tremendous pride and satisfaction.”

The Galician midfielder is also conscious that he still has to earn a place at the first team and that his normal spot still at Depor B, “Continuity is what a footballer is looking for, but at this point I do not know in which team I will play next week. I appreciate the words of the coach. I will try to improve slowly, always trying to play better and better.”

The 30 debuts at Depor’s first team since the last promotion:
1991/92: Fran, Jose Ramón, Arturo Patiño and Mariano Hoyas
1992/93: Marcos Valés and Antonio Docel
1995/96: Aira, Braulio, David Fernández, Maikel and Viqueira
1996/97: Jose Luis Deus
1997/98: Carlos García Becerra, Pablo Pinillos, Antonio García ‘Toni’ and Carlos Padín
2002/03: Dani Mallo
2004/05: Xisco and Pita
2005/06: Senel, Iván Carril and Iago Iglesias
2006/07: Ruben Rivera
2007/08: Fabricio, Laure, Chapi and Piscu
2008/09: Lassad
2009/10: Iván Pérez Maceiras and Juan Domínguez



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