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17 Dec 2009
Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Wednesday and analysed several aspects of the game against Valencia; he said that Guardado and Manuel Pablo are fine, while he left an open window to Juan Dominguez’s appearance.

Miguel Angel Lotina started the press conference talking about the players that were in doubt for the game, “Yes, I count with Guardado. I was getting worried, but I insisted that he should rest. If I would have forced him, he would have played at Almeria. At the beginning, everything is perfect with him. About Manuel Pablo, he had a small issue today, but we will wait twenty-four hours, let’s see how he is, the players should be fine, but we need to be careful with these subjects.”

“Let’s hope that the three of them (Riki, Lassad and Juca) will return in January in order to join the group. The week of rest is going to be very important. It will be a fast game and we need everybody to be fit during this week.”  He added about the casualties already confirmed for the match.

Talking about Valencia, the Basque manager was emphasising the level of the Valencian attackers, “It’s that the attackers of Valencia are pretty good, they all are international players and are doing a great job. It is a team that’s fighting for the same things already expected from them, trying to fight at the same height in liga with Barca and (Real) Madrid.  They have a clear style of play, and we are preparing the game with high hopes. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will work at the Riazor, and we will do it focusing in each line of the team.”

Some reporters were suspecting that Lotina is planning to make some change in defence, but he denied this plan, “I won’t make changes at defence, and is that with the level that they are showing and without having casualties, well… One of the reasons why we are up in the table is represented by the five men at the back zone. To repeat and give confidence makes us stronger. Which one is the stronger point of Deportivo? Any Primera coach will tell you that it is the five players performing at the back.”

Asked about the status of Juan Dominguez, the Meñaka-born coach said that the young midfielder has solid options to be a starter against Valencia, “We will see. It’s possible to see him starting once again. He is capable of been a starter, because the trainings are useful for something. To see him playing is something that I can not discard, but we still have plenty of time to decide.”

The coach was still insisting that the goal of the season is to keep improving, “The first goal is to improve, and to not start thinking of other things. A lot of liga matches are still in the schedule, so we must try to keep the team compromised with the improvement. To start talking about the standing is something that just put pressure. It will be foolish, in my opinion, to start bringing an anxiety that currently we don’t have at the changing room. Our only goal is to be a better footballer on the next week. If I start talking of other goals, then I will introduce a disease to the changing room that we don’t have and that we don’t need.”

“The year overall has been good. We've had two good years. Whatever happens on Sunday, I feel enchanted with the work done by the team. I'm delighted. I can not put a note. It is hard to ask for more. You have to look the team we had and that was fighting until the last matchday during last year. Nobody was counting with Malaga and Deportivo. And you should add that in the last three years we were the most sporting team in the Spanish League, alongside with Barca. We didn’t go into the draw of the UEFA Cup for the theme of Pepe. We didn’t enter into the draw for the kick of Pepe.” He added

Finally, Lotina was asked about his renewal and the one of Valerón, he responded that, “In football the good players are more important. There are a lot of coaches and only a few good players. It is more important to sign the players. I can not talk before knowing whether I will continue or not. I think that he must be renewed, but no coach can ensure to him a greater presence on the pitch. Valerón knows it. And he knows that he is important for the team. I do not see a change of scenery for Valerón, neither trying to earn another group of fans. This Deportivo should renew Valerón, with or without Lotina. He still has a few important years in football and brings important things at the changing room. But that is a matter for the club.”



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