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26 Dec 2009
After fifteen matchdays in liga Depor has been able to clinch eight clean sheets, which means an astonishing 53% of the total games. Only Real Madrid and Barcelona can match that number.

The current success of Deportivo is without doubt a product of the solid defence presented during the whole liga campaign. Until this point Depor is the fifth best defensive line at Primera División with 16 goals allowed after 15 matches, mark only surpassed by Barcelona FC (9), Real Madrid (13), Sevilla FC (13) and Sporting Gijón (15).

But the true is that this mark is a little deceiving, because the Galicians suffered a big defeat at Real Valladolid (0-4), single matchday in which Lotina’s team received the 25% of the goals allowed until this point of the liga campaign.

And it’s that Deportivo already clinched eight clean sheets on the liga season (ten adding the two matches in Copa Del Rey), this means that Daniel Aranzubia hasn’t allowed a goal in the 53% of the matches disputed so far, an astonishing mark that clearly proves the defensive solidity had by Deportivo during the first round. Only Real Madrid and Barcelona have clinched the same number of clean sheets during the same period.

Aranzubia even established a new personal record of minutes without leaking a goal: 415. Mark that he imposed within matchdays 03 and 08 in la liga. However, the current mark of clean sheets isn’t the best in the history of the Galician club, because on the season 1993/94 Depor had twelve after the first fifteen games, at the end of that campaign Arsenio Iglesias’ team clinched the historic mark of 26 clean sheets in 38 matchdays; during that particular season the Galician team also established its all-time lowest record of goals allowed: 18; which is also the historic record at Primera División for a competition with 20 clubs.

Depor’s clean sheets on the present liga season:
Matchday 02: 1-0 Vs Malaga
Matchday 04: 3-0 At Xérez CD
Matchday 05: 1-0 Vs Villarreal
Matchday 06: 1-0 At Tenerife
Matchday 07: 1-0 Vs Sevilla
Matchday 10: 2-0 At Getafe
Matchday 12: 1-0 at Racing Santander
Matchday 15: 0-0 Vs Valencia.



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