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26 Dec 2009
Colotto talked to Mexican website Mediotiempo, he said that the key to succeed at Deportivo is the patience, while he confessed to have received good offers from Mexico plus a call from Argentina’s national squad.

Things weren’t easy for Diego Daniel Colotto after his arrival to Deportivo, in his first year at the Galician club he barely entered into the plans of Lotina and was mainly used for the UEFA Cup matches. But all has changed for the season 2009/10, his second at Depor. And it’s that the Argentine has been a starter in liga since matchday 04, and one of the reasons that explains why Deportivo is currently living in the European zone.

According to him, the key to achieve this success is the patience, “The important thing is to be patient, because things are arriving little by little and the adaptation is difficult, in that sense some of my team mates on the past year missed that virtue, and fallen in despair. But looking the numbers of the past team compared to the squad that has played on this tournament, you can notice several movements, there are two midfielders that are playing a lot now, and that before were mainly out, and in my case you can also notice that regularity, and the key is to wait for your moment and to not lose the opportunity.”  He said during an interview with Mexican website Mediotimepo.

The ex-Atlas defender was also comparing the game displayed in Mexico with the level of Spain, “Compared with Mexico, and wit the exception of the two or three teams at the top, the level is very similar, because you will find a lot of strength and velocity; but the chance to play at the Santiago Bernabéu or to face Barcelona, team that right now has the best players in the world, marks a big difference and I’m glad to have had the chance to face the better players.”

H was even remembering a play in which he had to face Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Barcelona, "The ball came into our path and both jumped for it, but he jumped higher and touched the ball with the toe of the shoe. He lifted his leg and pulled the ball over me with ease and elasticity, the good thing was that I anticipated him and was able to win the position, because with his height and with how he raises his leg, it was impossible for me to surpass him in a normal jump."

About the changes of joining the national team of Argentina, Colotto confessed that he received a call, though later he wasn’t picked for any game, “They called me and knew I was going to have a chance, but in the end nothing happened and now there’s only a little time before the World Cup, but the hope stills there in order to join the team ahead of the World Cup.” To remember that he already won a FIFA U-20 championship in 2001.

Finally, the Argentine said that he had good offers to return to Mexico, but that he prefers to stay at Deportivo and that even hopes for a renewal, “I had two good offers from Mexico, almost compared with my current contract at Deportivo, but for now I want to fulfill my contract, I still have one and a half years, and then I want to renew for another two, after that I would return to play in Mexico, because Guadalajara is a city that we loved, especially my wife, who wishes to live in Zapopan."



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