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27 Dec 2009
Tito Ramallo seems to have found a defined lineup for Depor’s first team; so far only Juan Dominguez had the chance to play with the first team, Luis Angel is the Pichichi of the team and David Añon the best assistor.

It was supposed to be a new transition year at Deportivo B, with several departures from the squad and a lot of incorporations coming from Deportivo Juvenil A. But coach Rogelio ‘Tito’ Ramallo has found the way to integrate his players in a short period of time, in this way his Fabril is tied with Cerceda at the first place of the Galician group at Tercera, just when only one matchday is remaining in the first round.

Fabril’s coach has used the 4-2-3-1 scheme in the major part of the games, only in one occasion he presented a 4-3-3 figure (matchday 16 at Coruxo). So far only defensive midfielder Héctor García Montero has participated in all the 17 games played so far, but the youngster with the bigger number of minutes is central defender David Rochela . He only missed one game after been on international duty and disputed the remaining 1,440 minutes played by Depor B, he is the heart of the defence and one of the youngsters with more probabilities to join the first team within the next years.

The other two players with 16 appearances so far are Luis Angel and Diego Vela, both are the sweetest surprises of the season. Canarian Luis Angel is the most recent addition coming from UD Vecindario and is the current Pichichi of the team with six goals scored so far (he scored one goal against Ciudad Santiago that was removed after the qualification of that team).

The 20-year winger/striker has also contributed with two assists and is definitely the most dangerous youngster at Ramallo’s team, meanwhile A-Coruña born Vela was supposed to be alternating between Juvenil A and Fabril, but has impressed Ramallo so much that he has stayed with the B team. He already scored three times and gave one assist, impressive numbers taking in mind that the right winger is only 18.

Other names to emphasise are: defenders Diego Seoane, Diego Vieytes, Raúl Garcia, midfielders David Añon, Juancar, Héctor and  striker Hugo García. Right-back Seoane had a good start, but in the game against Coruxo he committed an error that cost him the starting spot, but returned to  score the winning goal in the last game against Rapido De Bouzas, therefore he continues to be important for Ramallo.

Meanwhile, 20-yearl-old Raúl García Granero has impressed with his performance and has been even considered as the best defender at the team during the present season, some even appoints his name as a the long-term replacement for Filipe Luis at Depor’s first team. The other regular central defender is Diego Vieytes Salgado, the Ourense-born player is the common partner of Rochela and can even perform as a right-back. To have in mind that he is only 19.

Captain Dani Rodriguez and Héctor Garcia have been very important in the pivote functions. Usually Héctor is the defensive face of the couple while Dani takes part of the offensive moves and set-pieces, that’s why he already has three goals and three assists, but the best assistor at the team is David Añon, the A-Coruña born playmaker/striker that on this season has been used more as a left winger. 

To mention the irruption of playmaker Juan Carlos Real Ruiz ‘Juancar’, he is another of the players that should be alternating between Fabril and Juvenil A, and that already left a positive impression at Depor B with 14 games played and his two goals scored. Who aren’t living a good moment are the two strikers at the team, Hugo García started in the right way with five goals scored, but the Ourense-born attacker has missed the goal within the last three months, while his partner Joshua Corrales is still trying to find the adaptation to the squad, the Bembibre-born player has only scored once after conquering nineteen goals with Juvenil A during the past campaign 

Maybe the most unstable position on the season is the one of the goalkeeper, so far Marcos Valín and Diego Rivas have practically shared the position, for the rest it is clear that Ramallo already has a clear starting lineup, with Seoane at the right-back position, Raúl Garcia at the left side, David Rochela and Vieytes at the centre of the defence; Dani and Héctor at midfield, Luis Angel rotating between the playmaking function and the right wing, Añon on the left, Vela on the right and Hugo García alone in attack. ‘Juancar’ is the ‘joker card’ as he frequently appears in the lineups.

Finally, to mention that only Juan Dominguez has had the chance to debut with the first team during the present season, he did it for 56 minutes during the visit to UD Almeria. The midfielder has only played ten times with Fabril because he has been picked in four occasions to the first team, while he spent a couple of weeks out due to the H1N1 virus, however he showed his class over the grass and contributed with two goals scored.




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