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28 Dec 2009
Filipe was the player with more minutes during the year 2009, while Riki was the Pichichi of the team, Guardado the men with more assists and Lopo the most booked player at Deportivo.

As it could be expected, Filipe Luis was the player of Deportivo with more minutes in liga during the year 2009. The Brazilian left-back defender was the only player at Lotina’s squad that took part in all the 37 liga encounters disputed in the year, he just missed five minutes as he was replaced at the end of the 3-1 win over Athletic Bilbao (season 08/09).

Daniel Aranzubia is second on that list as he only missed the liga match at Real Madrid after been sent off in the previous meeting against Barcelona. Albert Lopo is third in the list of minutes and Juan Rodríguez fourth, though the Andalusian midfielder played two more matches compared to the Catalan.

Five former Fabril’s players had the chance to play with the first team during 2009: Lassad, Iván Pérez, Piscu, Laure and Juan Dominguez. The Tunisian attacker was the one with more participation as he played twenty-five liga games scoring five goals. Of the current players at the first team, only left-back Brayan Angulo hasn’t played yet in liga, he just appeared twice in the current Copa Del Rey tournament, in the last of those games he suffered a serious knee injury and will return until May of 2010.

To emphasise the importance that former players of Deportivo Joan Verdú and Angel Lafita had during the year, both were among the eleven players with more minutes, and combined contributed with eight goals plus five assists.

In terms of goals scored, the Pichichi of the year was Riki, The Madrilenian scored seven times in liga and also added four assists to his tally. The ex-Getafe also presented the best average of the year with a mark of one goal scored every 184 minutes. Verdú and Lassad ended second in the list of Pichichis with five goals for each player, while Bodipo added four.

The best assistor was Andrés Guardado with six assists, while Riki is second in the list with four. About yellow cards, central defender Albert Lopo led the department with nine, he was followed closely by Juan Rodriguez with eight. Finally, to mention that only three Depor’s players were sent off in liga during 2009: Aranzubia, Riki and Sergio.

The numbers of Depor’s players during the 37 liga matches of 2009:





















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