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25 Jan 2010
The injury of Filipe was the most commented thing in the papers, it was appointed as motivation for the players, but also as a big doubt for the future of the Brazilian defender and of Deportivo.

La Opinión A Coruña: Three points of pain. Only a few times a victory is as expensive as it was last night against Athletic, for everything that involves Filipe’s injury. Depor adds three points, but loses one of its banners. The price is too high, even though the victory is breaking the negative streak. Filipe worth much more than these three points; much more; and the team inevitably it’s going to suffer it.

Another casualty for Lotina, who recently has no other thing to do than to improvise. On Wednesday, against Sevilla, he rescued the five-man defense that gave such good results in the past, but it did not work. Yesterday, again, tried to recover another old system, the pyramid, with three midfielders and two offensive players behind the central striker; neither was successful, because the attacking line of Depor just stepped the opposite field in a few occasions and was more vulnerable than ever before; especially defending the aerial game, a real bonanza for Athletic.

The Galician team, tame and lacking ideas, locked itself at the back zone against the ferocity of the Lions, who bit again and again against the local goal. They did not need too much to create danger. Just three or four passes were enough to reach the side and throw a cross to the area, where Llorente displayed his power by air. Miraculously, the Blanquiazul team survived, easy prey to the relentless push of the Lions.

Something had to change to avoid the defeat, because, as the match was, the 0-1 was only a matter of time. Lotina reacted as he changed the system. He sent Juan Dominguez to the wing and passed to play with two pivotes. Things slightly improved, just slightly, enough to reduce the attacks from Athletic. Depor earned the ball possession, but without upsetting Iraizoz.

And often happens in football that the team that forgives too much ends up paying the price. It was shown last night at the Riazor. In an isolated play the 1-0 came. Cross of Pablo Álvarez, Bodipo headed the ball, and final attempt from Filipe. The goal was almost the least important thing, because the serious injury suffered by the Brazilian is leaving in the background the outcome of the meeting. Riazor chanted his name spontaneously. It was his way of thanking the physical effort of the side defender, who accumulated a brutal fatigue in recent weeks. Lotina was left without a side defender, and Lendoiro with no big sale on next summer. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz De Galicia: The most bitter victory of Deportivo. No other saddest victory is remembered at the Riazor. It was starred by Filipe, who left his right ankle in the first goal. His courage motivated his teammates, who finished the job he had started. Depor won in that way, at such a high cost, a game that was lost in its first third part, one in which Athletic could have achieved a big score.

Caparrós' team started as if they were at San Mamés. Close to score at the beginning. It was avoided by one of the products of Lezama (Athletic football academy), Aranzubia, who drove a prodigious hand against Llorente’s header from a corner-kick. The problems by air that Lotina sensed due to the absence of Juan Rodriguez began to appear. But that was the beginning of a brutal harassment by land and especially by air. The Basque team was a steamroller in the first twenty minutes.

With the world's easiest game (ball to the side, cross and header, preceded by a direct attempt or a pass) Athletic went beyond the Galician 4-3-2-1 system, Lotina’s team particularly suffered by the left wing, where Juan Dominguez, Adrian and Filipe were not collecting tolls. Lotina saw things so badly that he ordered Laure and Valerón to warm out.

Those changes weren’t made because the bleeding stopped, more because Athletic took a breather than by the merits of the Blanquiazul team, unable to weave three straight passes. The public whistled the accumulation of inaccuracies, and cheered the (few) steals. To shake the dominance of the rival it helped the switch of Pablo Alvarez to the left, and also the fact that Depor started to move the ball by the ground. It didn’t step into the rival area, but at least it wasn’t suffering. And even had a chance to score before the break with a cross of Filipe that was hit by Adrian. Athletic still had the last opportunity, again by air: Javi Martinez headed a free-kick that sent the ball to the bottom, but Aranzubia was there.

Juan Dominguez stayed at the locker room and Valerón entered. Lotina tacked to a 4-2-3-1. It worked right from the first move. Depor came to spoil the ball. And the goal was the most unfortunate one in the history of the Riazor: Bodipo won a divided ball at the skies and Filipe burst to score at the expense of risking, and lost his health. The boldness of the Brazilian produced two reactions in his team mates: first shock and then motivation. He plugged everybody at their maximum power. In those electrical minutes Bodipo could have scored, but whoever did was Juca. An own goal of Colotto gave hope to Athletic, side that harassed with the same lack of aim of the beginning of the game, until Pablo Alvarez secured the win after a pass from Valerón. Rubén Ventureira.

Marca (Madrid): The most bitter victory of Depor. Lotina's face said it all. His team had opened the scoresheet, but the Basque coach was crying. Filipe Luis, author of the goal, still was lying on the pitch in semi-conscious state. From that moment, what happened at the game went into the background. Rather, it mattered little; at least for a Lotina that had no desire to celebrate the other two goals of his team, despite the importance of the victory for a team that came to the meeting with several casualties.

Within the first 20 minutes, Athletic ate alive an almost unrecognizable team that seemed groggy after the beating in Copa. The medical tests will specify how long the Brazilian will be out, but what is clear is that his teammates were aware of the gravity of the case, and decided to tribute Filipe with a memorable victory. Because Depor was a very different team in the first part compared to the one that gave its life after the above mentioned and unfortunate action. Tomás Campos

Xornal De Galicia: The three most expensive points for Depor. After the meeting in Copa against Sevilla, the left-back accused a muscular problem, the result of not missing a game in over two years, and everything suggested that he was not going to be recovered in time to play against Athletic at the Riazor. But his desire to compete and demonstrate once again that he was the best left-back defender of the moment, and that he had room in the Brazilian team, were strong enough to recover in time. Filipe was able to play.

Just starting the second half, the Brazilian rescued the ball at the visiting area and scored the goal that put Deportivo ahead on the scoresheet. In the first half the team of Lotina had been much less than the rival. But no one celebrated the goal. In that play the Brazilian broke his ankle when he fell down. The image we all saw was chilling. Depor had gone ahead on the scoresheet, but had lost its franchise player when it needed him the most. The players had their hands on their heads, Lotina was crying on the bench, Lendoiro was containing the tears at the stands and everyone at the Riazor remembered what had happened to Manuel Pablo nine years ago. He also was the best side defender in the world when a severe injury truncated his career.

With Filipe off the field, nothing seemed to matter. Even the important victory of Deportivo (3-1), a win that allowed the team to sleep last night at the Champions League positions with 34 points after 19 matches. Numbers to feel proud of. Omar Bello.

El Correo Digital (Bilbao) Chronicle of the Riazor or a night in hell. What has happened today is unbelievable. Would not you agree? I do not know what the referee whistled at the 13th minute. Also I do not know why he made that call with the ball already in the net after a superb header from Javi Martinez; and not before, when there was the alleged foul of Toquero. Four minutes later, my stupor sought unknown frontiers. He again whistled a possible offside of Toquero, which was already ended in goal. Two annulled goals in four minutes.

Athletic did not lose the head and that’s a merit with a referee like this one. The best thing was that the red and white squad, despite the two jars of cold water, was still sweating the shirt, it continued creating good chances, playing the ball, using the sides and looking lethal with Llorente. That was the impression from the start, as it attacked from the first minute, in a similar way to the previous game with Real Madrid. Even wasted an identical a double chance in the early stages of the meeting, which in this case went through the headers of Llorente and Iraola.

The first half ended as it started, at the edge of halftime, Aranzubia flied as a cat and put the glove at his left post. A great save. Athletic went to the rest deserving much more, but without being able to break the tie. Depor had not existed.

The game of the bad luck chose its unlucky name at the third minute of the second half. No one had reasons to celebrate the goal that opened the scoresheet. Just to look at Lotina, who had his hands in his face. It was feared the worst with the torsion of Filipe, who had just scored. Now, talking about us, you can start counting: it was the first real chance of Depor and the second would set another goal; 100% of effectiveness. At the 60th minute, it was clear that the game was now an ordeal, a rebound in a defender helped the ball to slip over the keeper. To rub your eyes and not stop.

Suddenly, Colotto scored an own goal and we thought that maybe the wind changed for a damn time. Toquero shortly after fell down into the area in what it looked like a penalty of Aranzubia. The replay revealed that the goalie touched the ball. No luck and please forgive the repetition. What about the third goal of Deportivo? it must be a kind of joke of destiny. The best thing that could happen was to finish the game, go to the locker room and wait for the alarm clock to sound and take us out of this bad dream. It didn’t ring. We were unlucky at that Riazor. Jesús J. Hernández



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