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26 Jan 2010
Aranzubia and Lopo were the players with more minutes, Filipe and Juca were the Pichichis, while Guardado was the best assistor. Those are some of the stats of Depor’s players during the first round in la liga.

Taking in mind the number of minutes added in the first round of la liga 2009/2010, it is possible to separate the players in three groups: The key players for Lotina, the ‘jokers’ that have been used as important alternatives, and the substitutes that were used to fill the gaps.

In the first group, the one of the key players, there are nine men that have added more than 1,000 minutes on the pitch. The ones with more minutes on the first round were goalkeeper Dani Aranzubia and central defender Albert Lopo, both were the only men at the squad that played all the possible minutes during the period (1,710). Filipe Luis was close to be the third man on the list, but his unfortunate injury on Saturday left his mark in 1,672 minutes.

The other six men with a big presence in the first round were Manuel Pablo (1,440), Diego Colotto (1,440), Juan Rodriguez (1,395), Andrés Guardado (1,369), Antonio Tomás (1,263) and Sergio (1,015), the six of them passed the mark of the 1,000 minutes on the pitch and were normal starters for Lotina, they just missed to play more time due to injury reasons or the suspensions.

In the second group, the one of the ‘jokers‘, it’s possible to find two types of players: the ones that played less than it was expected due to the injuries, and the ones that were used to cover those injury cases. In any case, these seven players missed to reach the mark of the 1,000 minutes: Adrian (946), Riki (763), Pablo Alvarez (575), Juan Carlos Valerón (570), Juca (552), Lassad (454) and Mista (418).

In the cases of Riki, Lassad, Mista and Juca, they could have perfectly joined the group of key starters for Lotina, but their injury cases reduced their participation in the first round. Meanwhile, Adrián, Valerón and Pablo Alvarez were the main alternatives that Lotina has used to cover the injury problems in the attacking zone.

Later, there was the group of five ‘replacements’ that Lotina has only used in cases of emergency: Laure (367), Ze Castro (275), Iván Dominguez (217), Iván Pérez (200) and Bodipo (147). Portuguese Ze Castro was appointed to be the starter at the centre of the defence, but was left out of the plans since matchday 04, also to emphasise that Dominguez and Iván Pérez are the only youngsters with minutes that were promoted from Fabril for the present season, while Manu and Brayan Angulo were the only members of the first squad that haven’t played yet any liga game.

In other statistics, Juca and Filipe ended the first round as the Pichichis at the team with three goals scored, while the best assistor was Guardado with three assists. Juan Rodriguez was the most booked player at the team (5), while Riki and Sergio were the only ones that saw a red card.

Also, Guardado is Depor’s player with more crosses to the area (95), which is the 17th highest mark among the 20 clubs at Primera. Aranzubia made 68 saves, which is the 4th highest mark in la liga. Riki is the player with more shots on target (11), followed by Lassad (9), while the most fouled player was Filipe (37 fouls), followed by Riki and Guardado (both 33)



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