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27 Jan 2010
Eighth confrontation between Manolo Jiménez and Lotina; the Basque coach was assuring that some of the Fabril’s youngster picked for the game are going to play, while the Andalusian said that he wants to resolve the game before the final half an hour.

This is the eighth meeting between Manolo Jiménez and Miguel Angel Lotina; Sevilla’s coach won the four games played between liga and Copa during the past season: a liga win at the Riazor (3-1), another one at the Sánchez Pizjuán (1-0) and the humiliating 5-1 aggregate score in Copa Del Rey. And he added a new triumph on the past week after his Sevilla trashed Depor in the first-leg of the Copa series (3-0).  The other two confrontations were won by Lotina, starting with the 2-1 of the liga season 2007/08 and the 1-0 clinched at the start of the present liga campaign. 

Before the trip to Seville, Depor’s coach gave a press conference at Abegondo. He started admitting that it will be very difficult to achieve the comeback in this series, “It will be foolish to think that we are going there in order to surprise them. What we must do is to face this challenge as it was a one-game tie, trying to end content no matter what the result will be.”

About the lineup for the game, Lotina just confirmed that one of Fabril’s side defender is going to be a starter, “The two side defenders of Fabril are traveling with us, and one of them is going to be a starter. We will see some youngsters on the pitch, but we can’t forget that we can’t have more than four at the same time, and Juan Rodriguez and Iván Pérez are inscribed as B squad players.”

The Basque coach admitted that his club will study the possibility of making a signing in order to cover the absence of Filipe, but that it depends on Lendoiro, “Right now we don’t have any central defender or a midfielder that can play in that position, and we are going to see what happens. But the president knows better than you and me the situation that we have, he knows about football, he knows our limitations, which are now aggravated in that position.”

Later he was admitting that he still in pain three days after the injury of Filipe, “You can’t control your feelings, it’s like having eight children, you don’t love them the same, and you always prefer someone. But I believe we are all better as time passes, especially because we already assumed the injury and because, soon, he will start to work at the gym in his recovery process.”

Finally, Lotina was warning that his team is tired after an exhausting month of January, “We aren’t living our best moment on the season, we still clinching results and can’t blind our eyes against the reality, there are injuries, some people is tired and that makes things to be a little unsure. Now is time to stop and think, to start from zero, because our football will reaper, we train for that and have people with talent.”

Sevilla’s coach gave a press conference on Tuesday; despite the advantage in the series he was insisting that his players must take seriously the second-leg, “We made good things in the first game and now we have a magnificent result. We must offer the same impression of Copa and not take any risk for not been at one hundred percent since the beginning. Zero confidence, zero excuses…  Deportivo is a magnificent team and we will put a competitive squad on the pitch.”

“The team going out must do its best effort, because later we have four days for the recovery. We must think this is going to be a great game and that we must respect the rival. We can’t relax. It is the stronger training ahead of the weekend’s match, and will be useful for several men that are trying to regain the pace. We will go out to win with a certain order. It would be very important if the tie is sentenced before the last half an hour of the game.” He added

Asked about the lineup, the Andalusian coach didn’t give any clue, but say that his intentions are to put a very competitive squad on the pitch, “We must seek to prepare the players needing some pace and must balance the situation with having a starting squad playing at the maximum level. There are players that need minutes and it’s time to give them some minutes, but progressively, without risking anyone… of course we will put a competitive squad in order to control the game without any additional effort. We have seven or eight players coming out from an injury that need minutes, but I won’t put all of them… No, the team I will put against Depor is a team that perfectly can play against Valencia on the weekend.”  

Later he was talking of Luis Adriano and Kanoute, “Luis Fabiano is having a great plan of work. He is going according to the schedule and is a player that can be a starter. Between him, Kanoute and Negredo you already know the rotations that we had when all of them were at one hundred percent. We will try to see Luis getting the pace, same as Kanoute or Adriano… But the pace of competition is gained with games and trainings, and the important thing is that Luis Fabiano is working at the top during the trainings.” 

Finally, Jimenez talked about Federico Fazio, “We are trying to see him reaching his best level. Right now he has some issues, he’s passing through a phase in which he needs to accumulate work. What he needs to do is to try to reach the top of his physical form and to see his physical problems disappearing. If everything goes well, on Thursday he will start to work with the youngsters and will gain pace of competition.”



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