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27 Jan 2010
The Brazilian defender left the hospital on Tuesday evening and talked to reporters, he was optimistic and assured that he will return better than ever before.

Filipe Luis left hospital USP Santa Teresa de A Coruńa on Tuesday, he had a cast on his right leg that will be removed  in four weeks. The defender can stand using crutches, though without leaning on his right leg, he was taken to his home by Dani Aranzubia, who was his ‘driver’ for the occasion.

But before leaving the hospital, he gave a press conference in which he demonstrated his optimism towards his recovery, “I will never surrender and will return better than even before.” He said as some fans at the hospital were cheering him up.

Later, the Brazilian was thanking the expressions of support from his team mates and from the public, “I was crying for the thing with the shirt (Depor’s players celebrating Saturday’s victory). The next day, when I read the papers and watched the video, I couldn’t stop crying. It wasn’t for the injury, but for all the support, for all the team mates that visited me, for the messages that I received from all the clubs.” 

“I wasn’t expecting for so many visitors, there were moments in which there were fifteen players at the room. I know I will live tough moments during the recovery process, but at the same time I am very hopeful. This unity reflects why we are at the top of the table, it’s because we are a family. I was excited to see how the team treated me, the coach and how people talked at the press room. With Brayan and Guardado was the same.” He added.

Filipe also had some words to thank the support of the Depor’s fans that were chanting his name during last Saturday’s game, “In the coming months I am going to be one more fan at the stands, and I am more than thankful. After all the things that happened in the summer, to see them supporting me in that way, it is something to be thankful.”

About Gorka Iraizoz, Depor’s defender said that the play in which he got injured was an accident, “I really thanks Gorka for visiting me. I was excited. It wasn’t his fault, he can sleep in peace, because these are the normal things in football.” Later he explained the play, “I was going to head the ball, but I remembered that I have missed a lot of goals in that way, but never tried to elude the keeper. At least the ball didn’t hit the post, but entered into the net and we won.”

“I am lucky. When I saw my foot, I never thought in the pain and was lucky because I never felt anything, just felt some when we were going to the hospital, because there were some holes in the highway (he laughed). In the ambulance I was concentrated to not feel pain. I was seeing the foot in the other way and when I arrived to the hospital, I said to myself that wanted to wake up with the foot in its position, and it was like that.”

Finally, Filipe said that he isn’t thinking about the missing chance of going to the World Cup or playing in the rest of Depor’s season, but was optimistic of the future, “I need to focus on the present and the past isn’t counting. I already have work to do and there’s one day less.”



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