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19 Mar 2006
Satisfaction and hope are the sensations after the victory against Getafe. Three days after the elimination in copa del rey the feelings inside of Deportivo are much different, and now the players are willing to improve their numbers in order to reach the European places in la liga.

Joaqu?­n Caparr??s admitted that his team suffered in order to achieve the win: "It's difficult to involve the people after what we suffered on Wednesday. We were lucky to take the lead in the score. Later we allowed the equaliser and we locked ourselves in our own area. After that we were lucky once again to score the second goal."

However, the Sevillan coach also thinks that the final result is fair since his team did what counts, the goals: "The only justice in football is what the final score dictates. I believe that we were lucky because Getafe played pretty well, specially in the second half. I also have to say that Molina was brilliant."

Joan Capdevila confessed that Depor suffered a lot during the first minutes, the Catalan also appoints that with the final win in the pocket the team has more options in the tournament: "It was hard for us the fact of finding our rhythm in the pitch during the beginning of the match, we arrived with the disappointment in our side, but we showed a good reaction. Now this team still has a lot to said in la liga. We hope that this win will inject morale to us in order to face Wednesday's game."

One of the heroes of the night was Francisco Molina, he saved the win with three magnificent saves; however, the Valencian keeper is worry for the fact that he wasn't able to maintain the zero in his net: "I made three good saves, but that's my job. It's seems that we can't achieve an empty sheet anymore. I always like to end with the zero in my net."

The other hero of the night was Xisco, the Fabril's youngster scored the winning goal, but he prefers to talk about the future: "Caparr??s demonstrated that you have to fight in order to win a place and I'm working on it. This win is important and I hope that now we will concentrate our efforts in la liga and mainly in the European zone of the table."

Getafe's coach, Bernd Schuster said that his team didn't deserve the defeat and criticised the work made by the referee: "This isn't bad luck. We didn't deserve to lose, we were affected in all the senses. It's a shame that the players have to work and sweat the shirt and later they receive this treatment. The game started with Duscher making an ugly foul and he wasn't booked, so I saw this result coming."

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