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03 Feb 2010
On Tuesday Pablo Álvarez suffered a knee injury and might miss the clash at Malaga, while Guardado, Lassad, Sergio and Mista are hurrying up their return and could be ready to play in next week’s game at RCD Espanyol.

New injury problems for coach Miguel Angel Lotina; the team returned to work on Tuesday and Pablo Alvarez suffered a right knee injury during the session. The winger told to reporters that he will be ready to face Malaga, but the doctors will wait to see his evolution within the next three days.

At least the players currently at the injury room seems to be evolving; on Tuesday Guardado and Lassad worked at the same pace than the rest of players and just missed the match that’s always played at the end, while Sergio and Lassad just completed the first exercises of the session. These four men won’t be ready for Malaga’s game, but doctors hope that, at least in the cases of Guardado, Sergio and Mista, they could be fit enough to play in the next match against RCD Espanyol,

After the session the club informed that Lassad has received permission to spend the next two weeks in the French Sporting Rehabilitation Centre. The Tunisian is not feeling comfortable during the trainings and Lotina already said that some days he is fine and in the following he is worse, therefore the striker will try to rain his physical state in a special clinic. He will stay there until February 23.

Physiotherapist Eduardo Dominguez analysed the four cases during an interview at Riazor.org; he firstly talked of Guardado, “His evolution is going in the right direction. After the game against Malaga, he will start to intensify his work. If he is on shape, he could be ready to play against Espanyol. But we must be cautious and see how he evolves during this week.”

Later he had a few words for Sergio and Mista, “He (Mista) is in the same dynamic than Andrés, entering and going out of the physical work. This week he will start to work with the team, maybe not during the whole training session, but at least he will complete a part of it. Since that point we will see his response and if he can join the work on a permanent basis. Sergio had a blow in the knee, the scans showed a weird image, it wasn’t clear if the problem was a contusion, distension or an elongation. His sensations are good and should join the work soon.”

But Eduardo Dominguez was more pessimistic about the case of Lassad, this despite the Tunisian completed almost the entire training session, “We will try to have him training in two weeks, completing ten or fifteen training sessions with the team. Since that point, we will start to take the decision if he should be picked or not for the games. Lassad is a player that, after all he has went through in the last seasons, is having a lack of confidence; any pain he feels makes him suspect that the problem might be bigger.” 

One of the main news of the day was to see Diego Seoane training with the first team. The right-back defender of Fabril debuted in an official game during the Copa clash against Sevilla FC, and now it seems that Lotina will start to count with him as the alternative for Manuel Pablo and Laure. All appoints that the Galician youngster will become into the third Fabril’s player that will usually work with the first squad during a normal week (Rochela and Juan Dominguez are the other two), though he told to Radio Voz that he still haven’t been informed about it.



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