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04 Feb 2010
Depor’s coach talked on Tuesday and advanced that he isn’t expecting to recover any of the injured players for the game at Malaga, he also talked of his renewal, Filipe’s replacement and the goals for the rest of the season.

After Tuesday’s training session, Lotina analysed the present of his team, he started talking of the situation with the injured players, “In a general sense, logically things are better now. Guardado is better each day. We won’t recover anybody for Sunday, but Guardado, Mista and Sergio are better, though they won’t be ready. Pablo (Álvarez) had a blow in the ankle and that provoked a small knee sprain. He is feeling pain, but hopefully  he will be better during the rest of the week. We will see if some of them could be ready for Espanyol.”

Later he was analysing the motivation of his team after the defeat against Real Madrid, “Little can we say about it. We will extract the maximum from this squad, though the general feeling was sadness, because after the game it was the normal thing. And in today’s  training, I saw them fresher, more alive, the intensity was good and we must follow that line. This month is very important, for the recovery of the injured players and also to have fresher people. We must try to offer a second round to stay as high as possible.”

A think that called the attention was that the Basque coach confessed that he still hasn’t decided who should be replacing Filipe at the left side of the defence, “We won’t take a final decision after just one game. We will see how thing evolve. We can’ discard that Seoane or Raúl can end playing there, but we can’t be nervous after just one game. It can be any of the choices. I don’t know who will be playing there in five or ten games.”

Lotina also confessed that he knew since last week that no reinforcements were going to be signed during the winter window, “I had a meeting with the president on the past week, and he never told me that no, but there are a lot of ways to communicate something, and for the gestures I knew we won’t have signings. However there isn’t any conflict between the president and the coach, though it’s true that we had two names over the desk. Right now we can’t start digging in the past, it isn’t useful and it’s over. If we start creating a bad environment now, then we won’t benefit the club. My way of working is doing what I’m doing and saying what I’m saying. Nobody came because the president wasn’t able to do it.

The Meñaka-born coach is also aware of the importance of the next matches, “This month and a half is going to be important, but we must play all the games. Removing the two teams at the top, the rest of the liga is tightening. Malaga made a great game last week, Atletico is doubtful, Getafe has to play the Copa, the Champions (League) restarts soon and as long as the other teams still alive in UEFA, the better for us because they get distracted, but for that reason me need to be good. We lost against Madrid, which was fine, but we need to be something more. We must improve and later see what others do.” 

“I never liked to fix goals for myself, we only talk about improving and extract the maximum, and I’m very excited about completing a solid second round and to see the players growing in an individual sense. At the beginning of la liga, Deportivo didn’t have the obligation to be in Europe, but right now we are there and are going to fight at the top. Just because we didn’t have any signing or because Filipe is now injured, it doesn’t mean that we will stop fighting.  There’s a shield to defend, a dream, a hope, and we are going to fight for it.” He added. It is the first time on the season in which Depor’s coach admits that Deportivo’s goal is to fight for a European place.

Finally, Lotina had a few words about his possible renewal, “I never denied the fact that I’m feeling pretty comfortable for all the circumstances surrounding us, for the fans, the president, you and for the environment at the changing room, but we don’t know the future. We will see what happens. It isn’t the proper time to talk of the future. I’m proud of been the coach of Deportivo, because it’s a great team.”



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