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05 Feb 2010
Some reports appearing in the Galician papers are speculating that Lotina might not renew his contract at the end of the season, while the players support in public the work done by the Basque coach.

One of the main subjects discussed during the week is the continuity of Miguel Angel Lotina at Deportivo; the Basque coach arrived for the season 2007/08 and since then his contract has been renewed each summer, but the last renewal meant a negotiation that was harder than what the expectations were predicting. His current contract ends in June and some reports are already advancing that there’s a high chance he won’t continue for a fourth campaign in La Coruña.

What has raised the speculations was the fact that president Lendoiro wasn’t able to sign the two replacements that the coach was asking since the past summer (substitutes for Lafita and Filipe); rumours say that Lotina was more than disappointed, though he denied in public to have any conflict with Depor’s  boss.

As Depor’s coach said on Tuesday, “There isn’t any conflict between the president and the coach, though it’s true that we had two names over the desk (Filipe’s replacement). Right now we can’t start digging in the past, it isn’t useful and it’s over. If we start creating a bad environment now, then we won’t benefit the club. My way of working is doing what I’m doing and saying what I’m saying. Nobody was signed, because the president wasn’t able to do it.

On Thursday a report signed by journalist Alberto Martínez appeared at newspaper El Correo Gallego, the article speculates that Lotina won’t renew unless the economy of Deportivo improves, because what the coach want is to reinforce the squad ahead of a future participation in European competitions, but the opposite could occur during the upcoming summer transfer window as it’s expected that Depor will try to sell some of its more important players during the market: Filipe, Lopo, Guardado, Zé Castro, Juan Rodriguez or Riki.

Also, the same report speculates that Deportivo could be tempted to search for other alternatives, and that the key factor will be the final position of the club at the end of the liga season. The article predicts that if Deportivo doesn’t improves the seventh place of the last campaign, which also means to play a European competition on next season, then Lotina won’t be renewed.

At the same time, journalist Luis De La Cruz from AS wrote on the same day that he sees the renewal of Lotina as something difficult to occur, his exact words were “farther than yesterday and less than tomorrow”. For him the key is also the composition of next season’s squad. De La Cruz remembers the words of Lotina a few months ago as he said that “In order to have my renewal, I only need to have a competitive squad.” In the opinion of De La Cruz, Lotina is the “ideal” coach for Deportivo, but the “passive” attitude of Lendoiro regarding the signings is showing the door out to the coach.

In the meantime, the players are expressing in public their support to the continuity of the coach, this after seven of the usual starters talked to La Voz De Galicia about the issue. The most emphatic words were the ones pronounced by Albert Lopo, “It is clear that he is the flagship of this project, and we all would like to see him continuing. In fact, Lotina is the first that wants to continue, and is just a matter of seeing both sides reaching an agreement.”

His partner at the centre of the defence, Diego Colotto, was also sharing his opinion, “With continuity, after being three consecutive seasons at the club, he has achieved great things. He already knows the team and knows what we may need, and that's very good for the group. There’s a very complete knowledge that’s very hard to get. He extracts good things from the players, but later it depends on finding an agreement between both parties.”

Captain Manuel Pablo also said that the best thing for the team is to secure his continuity, “The team feels comfortable with him and he feels comfortable with the team, therefore he has everything to continue.” Same was the opinion of striker Riki, “If it’s possible, it will be very important to give continuity to the coach. Since Lotina arrived, the team has grown in both levels, individually and collectively. The base of this group is important and the results are there.”



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