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10 Feb 2010
Eighteen players are ending contract between the years 2010 and 2011, some of them are essential in the current formations of Lotina; a huge task for Lendoiro taking in mind the current financial problems at the club.

Deportivo is doing a solid season 2008/2009, but the club’s officials will have to work harder in order to keep the players that are allowing this good performance. And it’s that nineteen players are ending contract between June of 2010 and June of 2011. Five are ending contract in 2010: Valerón, Sergio, Adrián López ‘Piscu’, Jairo and Angulo (loan). And the bigger list is coming for June of 2011: Aranzubia, Manu, Lopo, Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Antonio Tomas, Juan Rodríguez, Juca, Mista, Riki, Bodipo, Adrián and Rubén Castro.

So far, the only renewals already completed are the ones of midfielder Alex Bergantiños and right-back defender Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’. Alex was ending his contract in 2011 and signed an extension lasting until 2013 before going loaned to CD Xérez, while Laure signed his renewal on July 29. Of the rest, Lendoiro has only negotiated with Sergio and has mentioned the possibility to do it with Valerón, while it has been commented in the papers the intention to negotiate a new loan for left-back Brayan Angulo.

Sergio was ending his contract in June of 2009, but a clause in his deal was allowing an automatic renewal for an additional year, and that clause has allowed his continuity at Deportivo. Both sides already negotiated a renewal lasting until 2013, but ‘small details’ have delayed the final sign.

About the other cases nothing is known, but what seems clear is that two players won’t be renewed: midfielder Jairo and striker Rubén Castro. Jairo is currently in the ‘limbo’, Lotina didn’t want him and he is currently training with Fabril though the Asturian playmaker wasn’t inscribed to play, neither with Depor nor Depor B. Actually the player already menaces to sue the club for this reason and also because he hasn’t been paid in the whole season, similar case to Nacho Matador, another player that trains with Depor B and that wasn’t inscribed with Fabril.

The case of Rubén is also clear, Depor has tried to get rid of the Canarian attacker within the last campaigns and the player always ended loaned at other clubs, he is currently playing at Rayo Vallecano, Madrilenian club that’s fighting for the promotion at Segunda División. All appoints that Depor will negotiate the cancellation of his contract at the end of the present season.

The situation can also move Deportivo to put some players in the market, and it’s that Riki and Albert Lopo could be tempting choices in the next summer window taking in mind that both end contract one year later, it could be also the case for Aranzubia and striker Adrián, while the Asturian media already announced that Sporting Gijón is interested in central defender Adrián López ‘Piscu’.



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