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10 Feb 2010
Depor’s defensive zone continues to be the key for the solid performance on this season. A simple demonstration is the job done on Sunday as Depor clinched its eleventh clean sheet despite it played for almost an hour with one less man

Lotina’s Deportivo has clinched eleven clean sheets on the liga campaign, only Real Madrid (13) and Barcelona (12) have added more. At the same time, the Galician team is currently the fifth best defensive zone with only 22 goals allowed after 21 matchdays: only surpassed by Barcelona (11), Real Madrid (15), Valencia (20) and Osasuna (21).

These numbers demonstrate that the defensive job done by the team is the main reason that explains why Depor has spent 17 of the 21 matchdays played so far occupying a European position. And this defensive solidity was especially noticed on Sunday as Depor played with one less man on the pitch for almost an hour after the expulsion of Pablo Alvarez.

It is the second time on the season in which Depor ends a liga game with at least one less player, and curiously both games were played away from the Riazor and in both opportunities the Galician team achieved a positive result plus a clean sheet (2-0 at Getafe and 0-0 at Malaga).

Also curious is to notice that Lotina was sent off in both games after he protested the expulsions, which meant that second coach José Luis Ribera ended both games giving the orders from the bench. He was explaining to La Voz de Galicia what Depor does in this circumstances, “In the trainings at Abegondo we test situations of superiority and inferiority, we create the mechanisms that are later used in the games.”

“What we did in this game was to play with two lines of four men that were close to each other and the striker alone in attack. When you play like this is important to have a striker that knows how to hold on the ball, which helps to see the team attacking. In that sense both Bodipo and Riki did a great job. The positioning doesn’t change too much if you are playing with eleven or ten, but the inferiority demands more physical work, mainly when you recover the ball, because you must try to attack and the movements of the players are more physically demanding.” He added.

The eleven clean sheets of Depor on the liga season:
01: 1-0 Vs Malaga (matchday 02)
02: 3-0 at CD Xérez (matchday 04)
03: 1-0 Vs Villarreal (matchday 05)
04: 1-0 at Tenerife (matchday 06)
05: 1-0 Vs Sevilla (matchday 07)
06: 2-0 at Getafe (matchday 10)
07: 1-0 at Racing Santander (matchday 11)
08: 0-0 Vs Valencia (matchday 15)
09: 0-0 at Real Zaragoza (matchday 16)
10: 1-0 Vs Osasuna (matchday 17)
11: 0-0 at Malaga CF (matchday 21)



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