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24 Feb 2010
Depor’s coach gave a press conference and admitted that he is negotiating his renewal; he also explained his criticism towards the doctors due to the case of Riki, striker that will be out of action for one more month.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina gave a press conference on Tuesday; he started talking of his possible renewal after Depor Sport announced that it could take place on this week. “Probably it will occur. It isn’t a subject that’s worrying me, because right now I am busy trying to see my team playing goof football. The coming year isn’t something worrying me, at least not yet.”

“No matter if we renew or not, what we all want to is leave the team at the highest possible position. I would sign to end in Champions League and not to continue. I would sign to end third and that’s it, leaving you very happy.” He added.

Later the Basque man analysed the subject of the renewals of players like Lopo and Aranzubia, •”The president is talking, which is the logical thing. We all know who the important players at the club are, and if we allow reaching the final year in their contracts without renewing, then it is more difficult. They are players at the correct age, who have experience in this division, and it is a good idea to try to extend the contract of the people we think is important for Primera, at this club or at any other.”

"Overall, what I think and what the players have told me is that things are fine on here. It's a group of fans that respects you, a club that does not bring much pressure, a club with very good training facilities. Living as quiet as in this club and in this city is difficult to find anywhere in Spain. For example, at other places you lose a game and later can’t go out for a week." He added.

Regardless to the European aspirations of Deportivo, Lotina said that his team must be ambitious, "In football you have to be brave to get some goals. Our goals go through being as high as possible, you can call it Europe, but everything happens for an improvement. We have the reassurance that we are only fighting of one competition, which has been very good for us, and we must be brave enough to get some challenges that at the beginning of the season nobody thought were possible."

Later he talked of the injury of Riki; he explained why he expressed his concern towards the medical services of Depor after the second straight problem of the striker, “In every company there are problems, in others the problems stay in the inside because there aren’t so many press conferences. When I say something is not for the pleasure of saying it, but because I seek something. I’m trying to be more vigilant, to see us recharging the batteries. I like that everyone is paying attention.”

"In order to be at Primera we need to be the best in all aspects. No one can have a better program or better food. Since we have other limitations, because others have more money to sign players, we can not lose in the medical, diet, physical or technical subject. I want to stay up to date with all of this and I love to see everybody surrounding me wanting to improve. If I got noticed about what Milan, Liverpool or even Bergantiños do… I chose what I want, but I need to be at the highest. I want my players at 100%." He said

Later, Depor’s coach informed about his conversation with Lassad, “Yesterday I spoke to Lassad, also doctor Barral did it. I told him on the past week that he could stay the whole week there instead of coming on Wednesday. In the mornings he follows a treatment and in the afternoon he works on the pitch.  He says to be fine, and will join the group on Monday. I heard he was content, and gives the impression he will join the team soon.”

The coach also had a few words for Fabril’s Raúl Garcia, “Raúl has several good things. He is a player that isn’t afraid of feeling pressured and never gives the ball to the team mate when he feels the pressure, before that he raises his head and gives a good pass. I believe he is still missing some defensive aspects in order to be at Primera. We will insist with him, because it can be a useful player, I don’t know when, it depends on how we are. We also have Rochela, who we like a lot.”

Lotina also confirmed that Zé Castro is going to be a starter against Villarreal, “On Sunday Zé Castro is going to play. He has a World Cup ahead of him… must take decisions and we must thing of everything. I know that if he plays from here to the end of the season, then he can go there, but the important thing is the team, but either I have to valorise these decisions in a different way. We must make changes and guess right.”

Finally, Depor’s manager assured that Guardado will be fit for the game, “I made a deal with Guardado, I told him that I will buy a blonde wig to Laure so he won’t miss Filipe. I believe he will be fit for the game, Guardado is what he is. He pulls forward with everything and must be really bad to not be ready against Villarreal. He wants to be fit and is very important for the team.”

On Tuesday it was also known that striker Riki will be out for another month after suffering a second adductor injury in a matter of a month. The scans determined that the striker sustained a muscular problem on the adductor of his left knee during the liga match against Xérez. He will be out for four weeks, meaning he will miss the clashes against Villarreal, Tenerife, Sevilla and Valladolid.



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