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27 Feb 2010
The team started on this week a more intense physical plan in order to face the last part of the season in the best possible conditions; Eduardo Domínguez explained to reporters what the plans are.

Deportivo faced an exhausting month of January, with nine official games and it was noticed as several of the players sustained all kind of injuries, big part of them caused by the exigencies of a competition that was highly demanding. In order to recharge the batteries and face at the top the last part of the season, the coaching staff has started a new plan that will give a second air to the team.

This new plan consists in fulfilling one intense training session per week, the first one already took place on this Wednesday. The physical trainer of the team, Eduardo Domínguez, explaining the scenario to La Voz De Galicia, “Now we start a cycle of three weeks in which we will raise the physical effort, we will train some aspects that weren’t possible to work as the strength and the velocity, this in order to increase the level.”

“It will only be one specific training session per week, but during three straight weeks and then we will low the intensity again; so, we will do it for the games against Villarreal, Tenerife and Sevilla, then we have a midweek game (Sporting Gijón, March 24), and will low the intensity in the week before, then the team will be rested for that game.” He added

Later, Dominguez explained why these special sessions take place on Wednesdays, “It won’t be a pre-season stage, but what we are doing is to introduce little physical reinforcements, and it takes place on that day because then the team will have a few days for the recovery, and the player won’t notice the effort for the games. We believe that fulfilling this plan won’t affect the team.”

Domínguez also assured that Mista and Lassad will be part of these new sessions, this despite that both are coming out from their injuries, “Mista will do less repetitions and always asking how is he, and with Lassad we have to check his physicals plan in France, so it won’t be a contradiction to the contents of these trainings.”



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