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04 Mar 2010
Third straight POM for Daniel Aranzubia, keeper that at the moment is very much on course to retain his RCDLC.com Player of the Season award. And it’s that the ex-Athletic was the best man in two of the four games played in February.

New demonstration of consistency by Depor’s keeper Daniel Aranzubia; the Basque goalie was selected by RCDLC.com Peña members as the best man in two of the four matches played during February, and now he practically doubles the points of Guardado and Juan Rodriguez, duo that shares the second spot in the season table.

Things started well for the keeper as he achieved a clean sheet –the only one in the month- during the visit to Malaga. It was a complicate encounter for Depor as Lotina’s team had to play more than the half of the game with ten men on the pitch due to the expulsion of Pablo Alvarez. In the end Aranzubia made eight key saves and Depor clinched a point 

The defensive job of Albert Lopo was also rewarded as he ended second in the voting, same thing as Juan Rodriguez. Despite been seen off, Pablo Alvarez shared the third spot with Rodolfo Bodipo, striker that added his first point on the season.

Espanyol’s game marked the first disappointment of the month as Depor lost with a 0-2 score; the Peña members felt impressed by the job done by midfielder Juca, who claimed his first Man Of the Match (MOM) award since September. Second in the voting was Aranzubia, who despite the goals was able to make seven saves in the match. Juan Dominguez still impressing in his first season at Primera and the youngster ended third in the voting, sharing the place with Lopo.

The home game against Xérez marked the return to the path of the victory and also the comeback of Riki and Guardado, duo that gave a comfortable advantage to Depor in a matter of six minutes and that claimed the first spot in the voting. Valerón just played 16 minutes, but it was enough time to convince the Peña members and clinch the second spot, while Iván Pérez added his sixth point on the season as he replaced Riki at the start of the second half.

February ended with the second MOM for Aranzubia, it was a loss, but the narrow defeat was only possible due to the five saves of the Basque keeper, especially notable the ones made after the goal of the Yellow Submarine and before half-time. Juan Dominguez continues to be an exciting prospect for the Peña members and he ended second in the voting, while Iván Pérez ended again in third position, this time tied with Pablo Alvarez


At Malaga (Liga - 7/2/10)

1st. Aranzubia - 5 points (13)

2nd. Juan Rodriguez & Lopo -3 points (6)

3rd. Bodipo & Pablo Alvarez - 1 pt (1)

At Espanyol (Liga - 14/2/10)

1st. Juca - 5 points (11)

2nd. Aranzubia - 3 points (10)

3rd. Juan Dominguez & Lopo 1 pt (4)

Vs Xerez (Liga - 20/2/10)

1st. Guardado & Riki 5 points (14)

2nd. Valeron - 3 points (5)

3rd. I Perez - 1 point (3)

At Villareal (Liga - 28/2/10)

1st. Aranzubia- 5 points (30)

2nd. Juan Dominguez - 3 points (12)

3rd. I Perez & P Alvarez - 1 pt (4)

Aranzubia has now a 16-point lead over second place Guardado and Juan Rodriguez, and with 14 matches remaining in the calendar, he is a clear candidate to repeat the RCDLC.com Player of the season award. The keeper was part of the list of the best three players in three of the four games played in the month, reason why he added 15 points in the period, just the triple compared to Juca, Riki and Guardado

1st. Aranzubia - 40 pts 

2nd. Guardado - 24 pts

2nd. Juan Rodriguez - 24 pts

4th. Juca - 20 pts

5th. Filipe - 18 pts 

5th. Laure - 18 pts 

7th. Colotto - 17 pts 

7th. Lopo - 17 pts

9th. Manuel Pablo - 15 pts

10th. Tomas - 11 pts 

11th. Adrian - 10 pts 

11th. Riki - 10 pts 

13th. P Alvarez - 9 pts

13th. Manu - 9 pts 

13th. Valerón - 9 pts 

16th. I Perez - 7 pts

17th. Mista - 5 pts 

18th. J Dominguez - 4 pts

19th. Angulo - 3 pts 

20th. Bodipo - 1 pt

20th. Lassad - 1 pt 

20th. Ze Castro - 1 pt




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