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09 Mar 2010
Deportivo still is a team that depends on its defence, because it only scores a few goals; the strikers still having problems to increase their tally.

The victory against CD Tenerife was expected, but at the same time it came in an unusual way, because Deportivo scored three goals in one single match, something that just occurred for the third time on the season, the previous opportunities were the 3-0 win at CD Xérez (matchday 04) and the 3-1 victory over Athletic Bilbao (matchday 19).

More unusual was to realise that those three goals were scored in the only three shots on target made by Depor in the game, but what wasn’t a surprise was that the strikers at the team ended scoreless for the fifteenth time after twenty-five matchdays, actually since the start of the second round only Riki (twice) have added a goal at the striking zone.

Another thing to notice is that two of the three goals scored against Tenerife were long-range shots (the second of Guardado and the third of Colotto), which means that Depor has now seven goals scored through shots from outside the area, and the curious thing is that the first five were conquered within the first seven matchdays: Valerón (at Real Madrid, matchday 01), Filipe (Vs Malaga, matchday 02), Juca (matchday 04 at Xérez and matchday 05 Vs Villarreal) and Juan Rodriguez (matchday 07, Sevilla).

So, what was a “trademark” of Deportivo got lost within matchdays 08 and 24 and now it was recovered one round later, without forgetting that Juan Rodriguez already hit the post in five opportunities, and some of those attempts were long-range shots that didn’t end in goal.

What remains the same is the dependency on the defence, because Depor has just scored twenty-nine goals in the liga season, which is just the twelfth best mark at Primera División, actually it is the worst mark within the first tenth places, but in the opposite side of the pitch, Deportivo has only allowed twenty-seven goals, which is the fourth best mark in la liga, only improved by Barcelona (16), Real Madrid (20) and Valencia (26).



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