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10 Mar 2010
Deporís coach gave a press conference on Tuesday and announced that he is thinking in switching the system, but didnít want to confirm for what match. He also points to Europe as the goal for the rest of the season.

Lately, Deportivo is living a bad moment when it plays away from home, the Galicians donít win an away match since November (at Racing Santander) and coach Miguel Angel Lotina is aware of it, ďLately we are having a lot of troubles playing away from home. Letís see if we find solutions. We are a team that always analyses everything, no matter if we win or lose. We are aware of some defensive and offensive problems and are trying to find the solutions through our daily work.Ē The coach said in the press conference.

Perhaps thatís the reason why the Basque man is thinking of switching the system into a 4-3-3 (4-3-2-1), ďWe re going to switch the system. Tomorrow we will work on it, but I donít know if we re going to use it in this game or in the next one. It depends on the available people for the match and if they are adapted to it, but itís highly probable that weíll switch it.Ē

About the rival, Lotina warned about the potential of Sevilla, ďWe keep following the same line, facing the rivals left behind by Real Madrid. We found in that way rivals like Espanyol and Villarreal, which were climbing by the walls after losing against them. And now itís time of Sevilla, team that had a 0-2. When you play good against a big team, even if you lose, everybody tell you that you will end winning if you keep playing like that, but when they criticise you after a bad game, then everybody is more alert.Ē

ďThe Champions (League) means to make history for Sevilla, and they have a very long squad. To reach the quarterfinals means to make history, because thatís the instance where the players show their skills, and with the squad they have, they can allow the luxury of been playing in three competitions.Ē He added.

Deporís coach was also encouraging his players to fight for the European dream, ďThe players at the changing room are really hopeful for playing in Europe, at least with the idea of doing the right things. We have both feet on the ground, we know itís very tough and that we are facing very strong rivals, but we can feel a big hope.Ē

He continued saying that ďA lot of points still in dispute and we must think of ourselves. We are conscious of the situation that we are facing, because nobody has gave us anything for free and we have earned what we already have. We did it with sacrifice, hard work, spirit and believing in ourselves, thatís what we are doing. Thatí why we are up there and we must follow the same line.Ē 

Finally, it called the attention the fact. that Lotina said that several of his players havenít reached the top of their capabilities, ďThere are a lot of players that arenít at their top yet and we still up anyway. That is my hope, I donít want to give names, even at the starting eleven, and my hope is that they will reach their best form before the end of the season.Ē



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